Wogah Grappling Hook — Escape The Cave — Far Cry Primal

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  1. camhd1200:

    Not sure how I missed that, thanks!

  2. Berke İle Birlikte:


  3. Yung Sancho:

    That's nice how they put RKelly in the game (dude that's peeing on people)

  4. F.P.G.:

    I am in that mission and I don't have the grample ! I'm stuck please help

    the graping claw is locked

  5. Immanuel Grabowski:


  6. Hozy khan:

    i am plying far cry primal on " PC" but when it throw grappel Dudes it doesn't go up i mean it doesn't Climb up ! WHy any Fix plese reply in comment below

  7. Yusuf Azmaz:

    Am i the only one that kept on shooting and punching that shit ;D

  8. SuperGamer 2000:

    I've tamed the bloodfang sabertooth tiger but then I restarted

  9. Masteryazan1o1:

    I tamed the jaguar

  10. HenryDoesVlogs:

    This has helped a lot so thank you

  11. HenryDoesVlogs:

    Love your videos

  12. Aa Bb:

    Thank you helped out a lot

  13. Mr legit:

    yayyyyy im free

  14. WOLFIE:

    Thank you!! This helped a lot!

  15. Kody Krekos:

    Thank you😊

  16. RecordedBeast44 XBOX:

    I was searching the cave for about 6 hours then finally gave up

  17. Pietje Boersma:

    wtf the part to kill the jags is so hard

  18. Matthew Davidson:

    Thanks this helped me out a lot :D

  19. Ben F:

    wow I killed the jag and no grappling hook but didn't notice the second one. smh I have been circling this cave for 2 hours before I finally gave up to look on youtube

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