Wild West Day 23 — Plants vs Zombie 2 Walkthrough

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  1. Pogacica Covek:

    fucking game developers make game 10000 times harder

  2. Gabriel Soutinho:

    i hate flowers levels is a shit to complete -.-

  3. Nathaniel Carrasco:

    My game came with a different order of zombies or something… Does this only happen on mobile or a different update??

  4. Adamharits Mohdhairy:

    I hate the chicken zombies on tramples level

  5. Smashing Ryan:

    How do you get the flower doubles instantly

  6. Besho Sabry:

    this strategy doesnt work

  7. MrJatmesdragon:

    How do you get this shit on the PC

  8. Phuong hoang Lua:

    I saw the zombie trampled the flower

  9. Tuấn Đặng Minh:

    Video hay lắm

  10. alohaakaaki:

    I can't even past

  11. SKYDIRE Omega:

    this strat is not working for me

  12. Andrew Stephen Games Plasma Pea ™:

    Oh my god! This strategy is not working!!! You must of hacked the app and that's how you won! Everyone can see that the Cowboy Zombies trampled the flowers and nothing happened!

  13. PrinceMarth85:

    My zombies come in a different order of something…I got a chicken zombie before the "huge wave" but you didn't…I hate those damn chickens and trample levels…

  14. DJ On Mon:

    I am doing that :column of sunflowers, melon pult , kernel pults, bonk choies,tall nuts and spike rocks. It really help

  15. Gavin Flowers:

    Fuck this guy

  16. MrEmerald Roma:


  17. Zaira Navarrete:

    Guys, I took me long but the way to get it is to put just like him but if you've got problems with the chickens then just put that spike plant in front of the canon and make sure the piano doesn't get to that plant 'cause then you'll lose it ;)

  18. Ryan Scott:

    I can NOT do this i have tryed 500 times swear to god its different every time never like this :( lol

  19. ALuvLikeNoOther:

    This did NOT work for me!!!! Ahhhh!!!! :(

  20. DaveBruh Playz:

    300th like

  21. Stacey Renwick:

    This level is so hard

  22. elletts:

    by far the hardest mission in the game

  23. Richie:

    This world is hardest

  24. sabah chan Hetalia:

    my pea pod won't grow

  25. Doom Guy:

    Guys use spikeweed on those chickens its really usefull put a wallnut and then put spikeweed and put bonk choy behind the wallnut so he can punch the zombie and put reapters in the back hope this works and dont for get about the t twinsun flower

  26. Yeo Jasmine:

    This video was so useful, thank you! Even though I didn't really follow your video, I saw your use of coconut cannons and that helped me to get rid of the irritating bucketheads once I used it. The bucketheads always ate up my tall-nuts and trampled my flowers. Surprisingly, chickens weren't my biggest trouble as I used snapdragons. My plants were 5 twin sunflowers, 2 maxed-out pea pods, 2 repeaters, 3 coconut cannons, 5 snapdragons and 5 tall nuts. Thank you so much, once again! This level really gave me so much trouble! (I can say it's one of the most irritating levels, with restrictions on plant deaths and all)

  27. QN Gaming:

    Can you play this level with future plants? I completed Far Future

  28. Katherine D:

    This is where I'm stuck, damn chickens!

  29. Arabella SparkleZ:

    This Makes NO Sence.. I Tried About 50 Times And It Doesn't Work I Did The Exact Same Thing You Did But It Didn't Work.. Can You. Make Another Video? Because I Can't Do It, Most Of The Comments Say It Doesn't Work Either

  30. Jennessy De Torres:

    is that a pc version because of the pointer

  31. MyCuTeWoRld cutecute:

    Soooo close!!!!!! but it's sooo hard i almost win but i lose :(

  32. evan degregorio:

    I deleted the app because of this suit level popcap calls "fun"

  33. evan degregorio:

    I can't beat it

  34. TheMCProVideos:

    Thanks sooooo much!!! I had been stuck on this level FOREVER!!!

  35. valeria1230000:

    I no can is hard level Start I lost is hard hard hard f#%king level

  36. Lucario55076:

    I can't -_- I've been stuck on this level for a month now -_-

  37. Mgat “MgatPlaysMC” PlaysMC:

    With about 4 tries

  38. Mgat “MgatPlaysMC” PlaysMC:

    It took me 10 minutes to do this one :p

  39. Janet M:

    Your a liar man your plan don't work get a life


  40. James Maciel:

    Them chickens thoe

  41. ruick78:

    i fucking hate these bs levels. i did exact same i still get fucking beat.

  42. RockMC Logs:

    The chickens keep coming and trample the flowers

  43. Marincas Valentin Gabriel:

    The chickens can be killed with the spike green plant with only one step of chickens.

  44. Powerjohn25:

    Screw those chickens. 

  45. ray zad:


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