Whiteday: A Labyrinth Named School [English Version] — iOS / Android — Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1

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  1. Mohamad Nor Syafiee Zakaria:

    how much space this game need?

  2. gunner6084:

    i have found two bugs the first is the janitor is not laughing when he beat the student and the second the alarm is not sound

  3. gunner6084:

    korean girls had no manners at all just look how she grabs that picture :/ i love the girl with glasses anyway she is more cuter and kinder than the other two….


    ugh annoying af XDDD
    Can u be faster..

  5. Ali Alkinani:

    how could i access verification license and im dont bought it .. only download it full version … need help

  6. KenaiChii A.:

    How many MB is this?

  7. Shahil Gupta:

    this might make a nice harem anime agree???

  8. andro boy:

    does license get hacked by lucky patcher

  9. 이정민:

    i'm korea hello

  10. Gemini Sagatarius:

    LOL, what the hell is this? All they did was just dump the code and just added useless shit to draw out the running time.

  11. Gabby Park:

    I've watch this game before in pewds but he's playing the 2001 one the first version and it's very 2d when I heard about this I was so happy because I really love this game but I don't like the graphics but this time the graphics improved.

  12. Haseeb Ali:

    Can someone plz gimme a free download link of dis game for androi?I wud b grateful!:-)

  13. Ucop Slumber:


  14. Spid3rGod Daniel:

    This game is only 230 mb? Da hell.

  15. Hs Hs:

    This game made korea?

  16. Adit:

    a real game for the iOS?! sweet

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