Uncharted 1: Drake’s Fortune (Game Movie)

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  1. Leannelyle Maligaya:

    enyone know i comepleted uncharyed golden abyss

  2. Oky Hermansyah:

    33:0433:16 indonesian language

  3. Sima Movies:

    Uncharted 4: A Thief's End [Game Movie] has been uploaded! Enjoy!

  4. Feil Jasper Doria:

    umm is the game laggy or the recorder or ur console?

  5. Sima Movies:

    Wolfenstein: The Old Blood [The Movie] https://youtu.be/rZHx7G_FvYc

  6. Angel Aldama:

    its so cool I have it

  7. Caylie Babb:

    is this based on a real thing?

  8. xertris:


  9. Kuhu Naidu:

    My fave game :3 +sonia nayak watch this! 2 hour movie but totally worth it!

  10. Jeremiah Fortune:

    The game is great but honestly, the person playing is terrible 

  11. A Completely Generic Duck:


  12. Joni Tus:

    this is the shit

  13. Jorge Okana:

    Cocaina esse video

  14. Jalen “Jay K” Payton:

    Indiana Jones=Greatest movie ever
    Uncharted=Greatest PS3 game ever

  15. Flying Snail:

    50:00 just holding my spot.

  16. Play with Falador:

    Я играл в Uncharted:золотая бездна

  17. LYJManchesterUnited:

    Man i miss ps3 ..

  18. ShotgunVsHeart:

    who turned on the projector though..? =o

  19. ShotgunVsHeart:

    These games are great, despite having a ps3 I never bought them..

    think I wouldn've loved them despite the aiming and shooting part, the story makes up for everything that isnt perfect with this series.

    why I am watching this as a movie, I would've payed for this as a movie :p 

  20. dragon ball z kai:

    I hate those nasty creature things

  21. Sara Elsadik:

    The evolution of the graphics is astonishing. The designers are brilliant! 

  22. CJ:

    I beat part 3 first, I'm in the midst of completing Part 2, & I'll soon buy this and play it..lol what a way to play the trilogy, in reverse..lol

  23. Daniel Kowalczyk:

    Thanks a lot for this. Uncharted trilogy actually makes me think about buying PS3 just for that game alone, but I think I will wait for PS Now to go global, and I will definitely come back to it ;D Thanks again. Great stuff.

  24. YourPunjabiGamer:

    holy shit this is amazing 

  25. david san agustin:

    this is why there was no uncharted movie

  26. Xaris Giotas:

    dont mess with Eddy Raja

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