Things to do in Sleeping Dogs [HD] Mahjong Poker

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    I finааlly found wоrking tooооol. Wоrk реrfесtlу without аny prоblems

  2. Juggernog Soda:

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  3. Samuel Silva:

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  4. Êmile Cleice:

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  5. aqib khan:

    I finally found working tool. Work perfectlyyyy without any problems

  6. Tom Archer:

    I can't beat this fucking wokeye

  7. Timothy Gerard:

    For some reason
    I only won during the mission and it didnt happen again

  8. Thiago pereira:

    ganhei e nem sei como kkkkkk


    I don't understand that game

  10. joshua mrisha:

    so what happens if i keep loosing…

  11. ElectricGuitar666X:

    Can someone just give me a basic idea of how to do this? I have never played poker in my life and I don't have a fucking clue what the fuck to do in this mission. You're supposed to be killing japs not playing fucking poker with them

  12. Harink Andreas:

    I don`t understand

  13. _XM Ajax_:

    U suck u piece of crap

  14. Loki Ikol:

    This mini game is broken as this game don't buy it it's a crap.

  15. Mohd Mapler99:


  16. Davi Stanesco:

    I hate gambling…

  17. lionel messi:

    ı try to this 500 times, finally ı won

  18. ismaeel619:

    I don't even know how the fuck to play Poker

  19. lionel messi:

    ı lost ilyana :(

  20. Kotabeat [ 死神&地獄主 ]:

    And how should I know how to play Poker?

  21. Fakhrul Arifin:

    "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck." — Wei Shen

  22. Criisp:

    Do i suppose to lose at the end,So i can bring him the goddamn girl…. ilyana …

  23. Aschraf Oufkir:

    i dont get it that fucking mahjong poker i cannot accomplish that mission now dammnnn STRESSS

  24. TopspeedFr3ak97:

    this kind of minigames sucks

  25. Msmith1429:

    how do you play

  26. greatsuccess69:

    yeah this video is shiiiit doesnt help at all !!

  27. Attero Dominatus:

    I've been stuck on this for ages… This game makes no sense to me

  28. Javon Berry:

    Put out all the cards that don't match people

  29. KanonIFan:

    Ok I've a problem. I'm on PC. When I finished to choose…which button i have to push?

  30. MuzzaHukka:

    Should buy games from Hong Kong or Asia then

  31. DeathsShadow505:

    This is fucking stupid…if you don't know how to play Japanese poker…YOU'RE FUCKED. They expect you to know how to play and give you no tutorial on how to play X(

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