The Pantheon

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  1. Olm9:

    Are you it isn't Kate Mara that narrates this..?! 😊

  2. phillip jorgenson:

    I LOVE your channel and what you're doing, keep it up guys! In these sad, low days where the Kardashians have more social value than scholars and artists, you are doing Gods work.

  3. estela amaya:


  4. Maria Michaela Krammer:

    That's all a very perfect translation with included all. The explanation about the object, the building process and the structural system. Thank you!

  5. Karen King:

    so the ceiling is just concrete, nothing within holding it up?

  6. Bruce Burns:

    Is this an trendy type educated type person way of talking , because it is very annoying . please talk normally to ordinary people .

  7. vanessa moreno:

    You guys are such a great team! I have learned so much!

  8. Hristo Danchev:

    i was in rome i have seen pantheton plaza san pietro fontana di trevi kathedral san pietro plaza espagne museums and churchs fantastic rome is beautiful city i love him

  9. Sytast:

    Excellente traduction française…

  10. Emma Caisley:

    Thank you very much for this video. Has helped tremendously with an assessment.

  11. Al Tyas:

    I wish I could see how it looked with the Roman gods.  Wonder whatever happened to those statues.

  12. Amonfobious:

    toma kaj si nermal

  13. fuckyoutube i aintchaning my name:

    @smarhistory and khan academy I like your videos especially about the art and architecture. But I would love to see analyses of non western works as well instead of such a Eurocentric focus

  14. Migdalia Gomez:

    Ok. You HAVE to listen to this video at 0.5 speed. The speakers are so awesome at normal speed, but when you slow them down… OMG. Research has never been so fun.

  15. Giorgia Fratepietro:


  16. latif demir:
    ….Granite columns manufactured quarry for Rome. It has been put under more protection. Picture: spring 2015

  17. John Armstrong:

    there was an earlier structure referred to as the Pantheon and it was commissioned by Marcus Agrippa. The bricks in the main body of barrel have a stamp from the reign of Hadrian. if it had existed in it's current form during Augustus's reign it would have been a revolution, poets and historians would have raved openly about it as they did about other buildings of Augustus's time. We have plenty of evidence that it was built by Hadrian. The inscription is prove of the honor and respect that Agrippa was still held in more than a century after his death. He was the shit.

  18. fitfirst:

    great video, very informative .
    p.s. i love the girls accent/voice in these videos, i could listen to her speak all day !

  19. Glenifir H:

    you've gotta love the romans. I'd let them conquer my kingdom anyday.

  20. Samuel Tan Hadinata:

    Thank you for the explanation.
    I heard that the Oculus is for smoke to escape, since they still sacrificed burning the whole Cow to their Gods inside that building. I figure it is almost like a chimney in an Indian Wigwam, that function as ventilation too.

  21. Stella Maris:

    The Pantheon is a building in Rome, Italy, commissioned by Marcus Agrippa during the reign of Augustus (27 BC — 14 AD) and rebuilt by the emperor Hadrian about 126 AD.

    The building is circular with a portico of large granite Corinthian columns (eight in the first rank and two groups of four behind) under a pediment. A rectangular vestibule links the porch to the rotunda, which is under a coffered concrete dome, with a central opening (oculus) to the sky. Almost two thousand years after it was built, the Pantheon's dome is still the world's largest unreinforced concrete dome. The height to the oculus and the diameter of the interior circle are the same, 43.3 metres (142 ft).

    It is one of the best-preserved of all Ancient Roman buildings. It has been in continuous use throughout its history, and since the 7th century, the Pantheon has been used as a church dedicated to "St. Mary and the Martyrs" but informally known as "Santa Maria Rotonda". The square in front of the Pantheon is called Piazza della Rotonda.

  22. Marcelo Oliveira:


  23. IndiaSergeant:

    Hm..I wonder why they made the doors 30 feet tall originally…. *wink*

  24. peroz1000:

    Thanks a lot! More ancient Roman monuments,please .

  25. HD:

    When I was in Rome I got to see this building. The exposed brick in the back is very interesting. Rarely seen.

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