The Orange Box Video Review

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  1. kenny mcCormick:

    Wow he doesn’t know what the PlayStation is

  2. Donovan Hockett:

    What about playstation??

  3. R.W. Yoho:

    Portal deserves better good god

  4. Chiken:

    You are so bad in tf2

  5. Booker Dewitt:

    So here's the thing I've never played Half Life 2 and this is on consoles I'm thinking about getting it

  6. Luke C:

    That tf2 gameplay was ATROCIOUS

  7. Ash Everett:

    ха пидарас абманули миня на орандж бокс тупые вольво

  8. Jimbynimby:

    I'm 12 years old and 1 want it

  9. George Vasquez:

    Released 10 years ago on this day: October 9th, 2007.

  10. Ray Aguilar:

    I remember playing half life 2 on the orange box on my 360. I lost it fml

  11. BoomerUniverse:

    And today,this beautiful compilation reaches 10 years of age.
    Happy Birthday Episode Two, Portal, and TF2.

  12. sa tho:

    anyone watching in 3017?

  13. 007spudman:

    All of these games are just NO on console.

  14. francisco javier vega avalos:


  15. Troll Dude123:

    tf2 gameplay was just bots

  16. M&M cookies triggers me hard:

    "There's something wrong with you."

    You take that back.

  17. Spawn17:

    3:07 you really shouldnt play on console

  18. TheGamingTurtle 1234:

    I have it on Xbox 360 and it's STILL AWESOME

  19. Awesome Wikid Studios:

    I watch this video about how this package is such a good deal after I bought every Valve game ever made for $20 on steam this summer sale….

    How times have changed.

  20. Pierrono:

    99 CENTS ON STEAM ! YASS ! Ahhh, good ol' 2007!

  21. General-Husky:

    does it have 2player?

  22. xRobert1016x:

    I found a glitch on Xbox to make it so 2fort doesn't have an objective and so it becomes tdm

  23. xRobert1016x:

    Tf2 doesn't get as much credit as it should

  24. angel1234k the god gamer:

    Downloadable TF2 Maps on Xbox 360 hasn't happened

  25. Me, Don’t bother:

    This isn't on PS 3 right?

  26. Javier Larreynaga:

    I have never played any up game😢

  27. Nik B:

    i dont understand the obsession with half life. it was so boring to me and the load times were unbearable.

  28. UnstoppableMC:

    If i install this on pc on steam version…i need to download it right?

  29. EpicSlayer451:

    Half life look like gmod

  30. Michael Biland:

    This and the MCC are the best videogame collections.

  31. Aidan Last:

    They should put Garry's Mod on consoles. Who cares if its 10 years old.

  32. Curly Joe:

    It's a better deal now because it's now $20, which is the average price of a used 360 game. So you're getting 3 games for the price of one.

  33. Sombrero Squad:

    Is the original game available for Xbox or in the orange box? Is "Episode One" the original game?

  34. Dan Jacobson™:

    Still one of my favorite xbox games ^~^


    especially when I got it for 3.75 on 360

  36. Joseph Ocasio:

    Now Backwards Compatible on Xbox One.

  37. xxx360 noscoper 9000:

    I just bought the orange box yesterday

  38. bunnyfreakz:

    Orange Box It's happening edition

    Half Life 3, L4D3, Portal 3, Richochet 2 and TF3 in one box.

  39. dixie land900:

    us hl2 gmod?

  40. Shadow Killer:

    Just got it yesterday completed half life 2 playing half life 2 episode 1 and completed portal and played a bit team fortress 2

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