THE 8TH GYM + HOOPA!?!? | ROBLOX Pokémon Brick Bronze [#109]

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  1. Clemchem And the Yoshi 123:


  2. Clemchem And the Yoshi 123:

    Pokemon brick of bronze was gone a thew days a go wait
    … How are you playing it now

  3. porter moore:

    Do you want to join us think noodles and join me as like Pokémon mate OK thank noodles

  4. porter moore:

    Thank noodles can you do me a favor can you give me roebucks and then I can join you my name is Willy shark 576 so keep sure give me like 500 OK

  5. Danielle Taylor:

    your a poop

  6. Danielle Taylor:

    i love your vd

  7. Vingamer 765:

    You look cute with dog animoji

  8. Edward Guzman:

    Think you do not know the wea

  9. Kevin Do:

    Btw pbb got deleted

  10. Jayden Jackson Juhnke:

    I have no r$ :`( /sad face

  11. Sotero Saenz:

    My username is supremem_boy123

  12. Law's NE0N X - D | G4MING & LETS PL4Y:

    ‘Cause it’s a stream and we get lucky on streams!’

  13. Oliver Taylor:

    you shall lose hoopa hahahaha

  14. Oliver Taylor:

    thats why i dont use repells much

  15. David Hartsfield:


  16. Pikachu Fire punch:

    hi iam new what should i do?

  17. gameing with max:


  18. Robert Moor:

    Rip brick bronze 😭😭😭😢😢😢

  19. Tyler Madden:

    I watch whole thing

  20. Lana Playz:

    Think Pokemon brick bronze is deleted…

  21. Patrick Macario:

    This was a very sad story!!!

  22. Charles Ng:

    RIP PBB ]:(

  23. Lorena Sanchez:

    He could’ve made Tyranitar be Tina or TyraTina

  24. Army Kaur:

    can I have a kopie

  25. Dylan R:

    Do u know da Way

  26. Bashed PotatoAnime:

    think won because the gyms pokemon were 75-81 and thinks pokemon were 88-90 xD

  27. Leslie Ekstrom:

    I had a Greninja but for sum reason it got rid of my save😭😭😭😭

  28. Ng Say Keong:

    Aeppct my friend request my name is rhinofatty pls

  29. papa jake:

    Thing noddles play pokemon galaxy

  30. ItsPikachu Dragonitem:

    What do es the Fox say? Think think think think think lol!!!!!

  31. ultra sans:

    Do you know the way is what urgdan knuckles

  32. ultra sans:

    Now that I have seen this I like this now. I will like right now.

  33. Brayden Bailey:


  34. Brayden Bailey:

    It's gone

  35. Brayden Bailey:

    Rip pbb

  36. julian daniel:

    its a pokemon sun and moon pokemon

  37. Jelo Gutierrez Cantos:

    call tyranatar slashtar and call gengar shagar

  38. rasya14343:

    Ground type is also super effective againts poison ._.

    ur lucario was useful becuz steel is immune to poison

  39. Play TV361:

    Gimmi that hoopa

  40. Baron Sionis:

    You played gen 7 and never encountered a dhelmise… XD

  41. Baron Sionis:

    I see he is still useless at typings…

  42. Baron Sionis:

    Why didnt u use eq, it wouldve ohkod toxicroak

  43. Power _Man:


  44. Costa Carreira:

    Tyranitar TTAR

  45. Emir Calderon:

    Looker is in Pokémon xy and oras

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