Stealth Sniper 2 — Full Game Walkthrough (All 1-4 Missions)

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  1. Robert Sinaga:

    Robert sinaga 082278522220

  2. YouTube Šaneri:

    What's the name of music track?

  3. Matheus Henrique:

    joga mt

  4. Fouad Aissat:

    can i download it on pc

  5. Nathan Akl:

    Hi! I am playing this game and I can't record with Fraps… How should I do?

  6. Alfonso Guzman Padilla Guzman:

  7. coldsteaklint:

    I play this game on miniclip, and I have enjoyed it quite a bit. I have beaten all 4 missions on both normal and hard mode, and done so well enough to earn 3 stars on all of them. I have also bought all the guns and their upgrades, and achieved all the awards except one — amassing $1M. And yet, my progress bar at the top only shows me at 58% success/completion. Is there something I am missing? Why am I not much closer to 100% completion? Can anyone explain this?

  8. Jd Brunette:

    i need help, i cant get a 3 star rating in the 3rd map (winter base), for some reason i cannot get the difficulty bonus at this level, i have completed all levels and difficulties at 3 star level except i only have the 2 stars for normal mode of 3rd map (winter base). Could someone tell me what i have to do to achieve this, i finish this map with 3 minutes to spare, half my kills are head shots, and accuracy usually over 80 %, as well i am using the best, most equipped weapon.

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