S.T.A.L.K.E.R Lost Alpha: How to find Strelok’s Flash drive EP1

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  1. Daweed Benesch:

    thank you, very helpful !

  2. Denis Massart:

    Thx Man !

  3. ilija domazet:

    thx a bunch for this video dude…. i was so desperate :D

  4. SuperSonyer:

    Been stuck here for hours as well…I just gave up and went to youtube and found this video, thanks.

  5. Andrew Daniels:

    This was so helpful.. You have no idea how stressed out I was, I thought the mission was glitched.

  6. Damián XxX:

    Motherf***r ! I've been stuck for hours and there it is. I thought about it but I didn't took the time to aproach too close. Thanks man.

  7. HyperHeavyMetal:

    I can not believe it was so easy

  8. Sascha K.:

    Holy shit, thanks!!

  9. Eagle Eye:

    ahahah u so crazy bro, Tnx so much :D

  10. Frank Antony:

    i love you thank you so much¡¡

  11. Acosador Empedernido:

    which version of the Lost Alpha are you playing?.

  12. mephisto sanchez:

    I was searching youtube for that exactly. I looked for that flash drive for 45 minutes lol. Thanks a lot. You know the funny thing is i actually noticed the vent being broken and though it was odd. I never even thought of trying to look inside.

  13. Катя Кукса:

    Thank you!

  14. Strelok88:

    son of a bitch! thanks for the upload!

  15. Walter White (Heisenberg):

    boulets de dev, foutre la flash drive dans un endroit pareil…

  16. yannara:

    Thanks for sharing, I spent 30 min on this with no result intil I found this :)

  17. San Raal:

    Many thanks pal, i realy try find this fu*king flash drive hours and hours… helpfull ;-)

  18. MRjinatan:

    this is so retarded, thanks for help!

  19. MrDmitryDiamond:

    omfg :D tx a lot mate

  20. sasa zoric:

    Thank you for upload,i was searching for this about an hour.

  21. Magmascan:

    Thanks so much. Was wandering around confused for a while.

  22. Ed Robinson:

    Damn I went past that bit dozens of times not realising it was a stash point..

  23. Lucid Dream:

    thanks for the help

  24. Lucid Dream:

    are you f kidding me, fuck these devs…

  25. Rangi Tangira:

    Thank you soooo much…. I was stuck on that for hours!!! Your my HERO!!

  26. Bashar muhammad:

    very helpful thnx

  27. Ainars Avotins:

    Actually there was a not with a pom in PDA and the capital letters where two hints — ventilation and wheel-chair (or koljaska). Did same, but in other room…Didn`t think there were other location around with both hints…

  28. Bence Farkas:

    omg dudee thx XD :D

  29. Robert Sommer:

    Danke Für die Anleitung 

  30. Kakashi Ownage:

    All the way up there? Seriously? I wiped out all the monsters and just stopped playing because I was looking for two hours!

  31. Lord Baelish:

    thanks you!

  32. Paul crusad3r:

    Thanks so much, found it now. But i'm having same problem as Zonestalker Orzen, i wiped out both military bases but quest to help stalkers still not finished(even with latest patch).

  33. Henrik Martinez:

    ohh man thanks a lot!! i spent an hour wandering the whole place searching for every corner till i got tired, i saw that broken vent several times but never though that usb would be there, also how did you get 100 of carry weight? it's a cheat?

  34. WORELOF:

    Thanks soooooooo much.I was on this part for almost 3hours lol.I would have NEVER thought of looking there !

  35. Furryboots72:


  36. Vladimír Minár:

    thanx mann :D

  37. Pretender Vault:

    The Questmarker was Glitched for me. It didn't showed the Position of the Flash Drive. Only where I have to Escape. Thanks a Bunch Buddy!

  38. Zonestalker Ozren:

    Thanks, but i have a question. I killed all the soliders in the agroprom place wher you meet mole, but it still says: help the stalkers (objective still active) .

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