Ratatouille Walkthrough Part 1 : The Movie — Game (PS3, Xbox 360)

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  1. Shyna Shyna:

    my favorite movie ever

  2. theviacom:

    hey thats pretty good

  3. Yousef farhang:

    i just had to sub!!! u literally play all my childhood games which is amazing!! can you tell me how i can play these games?

  4. ‫فايز مسفر العسيري‬‎:

    شكرا كثير استفدت وختمت والشكر لله الله يجزاك الخير

  5. JustinsWorld4U:

    on the pc version it is so different!

  6. BigD_Selecter SMG:

    The PS2 version of this game is so much better

  7. jtagproman14:

    i have subscribed for you and like for you to

  8. Talon Diwisch:

    This was like one of my first games on my PS3 (which is the oldest model) and I still haven't gotten around to beating it. Haha. I had it on Game Boy Advance as well. That version was really fun as well.

  9. camilly almeida costa stefanny:


  10. Deniz Kum:

    does anybody know what "dash button" is?

  11. ‫ام بسام الهاشمي‬‎:

    كيف قدرتي تمشين بل الكورة

  12. Юрий Власов:

    Это только для ps3 и xbox360

  13. JAY LYFE:

    I loved this movie

  14. mobs queen:

    I was watching the movie on tv When I was watching this!

  15. Ulysses Enriquez:

    1:01 That's definitely what eating food sounds like

  16. Excalbur:

    Ah the memories

  17. Katherine Kelley:

    I'm trying to get the third light bulb and I can't get the umbrella to work Bc I kno your suppose to click circle to hold the umbrella and then jump to glide but every time I do the umbrella turns towards the lantern and I glide back to the piece of metal I'm standing on and it's making me frustrated

  18. Near Sky:

    Why does this have 600K views?

  19. Dodo Whovian:


  20. RAWR “ThatOneArtist” C::

    I remember this game…loved it when i was younger

  21. Garfield The Cat:

    I had this game for wii, but it doesn't work anymore. Thinking about getting a copy for the PS3

  22. IceBreaker Nation:

    omg i miss this game

  23. Hikari:


  24. Sa7ar 556677:

    How can I balance in the road???

  25. Quinn The Quartz:

    Damn these versions look AWFUL compared to their last gen counterparts. So polygonal. Looks worse then PS2. They added just hair? Wow that is sad. The in-game graphics aren't bad, early 7th generation graphics indeed, but The cutscenes look worse then ps2.

  26. stevenisthename:

    Your game is so different from mine

  27. roaa amone:

    ههه حلو كتيرة كثير حبيتو عنا بالكتاب

  28. Marcus carver:

    yer preety

  29. Nicholas Cage:

    Brings back memories

  30. XCX Shotz:

    Wii and ds and gameboy

  31. Leticia Rocha:

    Esse jogo é muito massa,más não tenho

  32. Jackass Kitten:

    ahh a very nostalgic experience watching this video

  33. Holly Potter:


  34. Michael Strelkovski:

    I still have a great working copy of the ps2 one and this is so different I'm amazed

  35. Carla Sheidan:

    Me gusta la peli ratatuin xq me ace reir mucho y me enseña como son los canbios en la vida

  36. EliteSniper132:

    aaaahhh… good memory

  37. TheOmnipotence:

    I miss this game so much.

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