Pokemon Tower Defense 3 Part 1 — Family Betrayal!

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  1. Jamie Calderon:

    I have 15 elemental

  2. Sin Cara Comics:

    I am looking for a taurus any level pirate or not pirate, elementary or not elemental, with good attacks or without them my trainer id is 6531618

  3. Riya:

    when level 3 will come

  4. Bren Tron:

    Has check my candle out it is Brentron

  5. EugeneSagaz:

    PTD2 Was Better

  6. Vegeta HDTV:

    who wants mewtwo

  7. Vegeta HDTV:

    Does anyone want some elemental pokemon? My id is 6253538.

  8. Mendop:

    pokemon tower defense 2 is much much better

  9. Mr X:

    How do I evolve Pichu?

  10. Connor Birdoes:

    i cant catch tem'

  11. ChocolaTee:

    i think there is no music cuz its just beta/alpha something like that

  12. susan udelhoven:

    55th like

  13. Frostbite Gaming:

    they will keep adding more to it

  14. Kool_Z Plays:

    ballads I've been here since 25 subs

  15. pokeblade121:

    Why didn't they make it like the first one I liked the second one better

  16. Chubby Noob:

    le gasp!!!!he has 666 subs!!

  17. Terrarian Blaster:

    You can't win the game cuz u don't know how to…. SPAM FULL RESTORES!!!!!

  18. Archer adolf:

    becus i did't know of ptd 1 and 2 and i played them i can't wait for the updates

  19. Matthew Glencross:

    dude I used to watch u back in ptd 1 I think 😂

  20. kraysinrandom krayerr:

    do u play the 3ds games or no?

  21. kraysinrandom krayerr:

    u have 637 subs yet j get more views then u wtf is wrong with ur subs in subbed to u and i love Pokémon so i cant wait for next one :D

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