Pokémon Shuffle 100% Walkthrough Part 20 (Stage 60,61 & 62)

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  1. Alejandro Palacio:

    why don't any of the Pokémon have levels, and why don't the Pokémon gain exp. I have this game on the DS and the mobile version and my Pokémon level up and gain exp per battle

  2. Domo 1551:

    *Has Mega Gengar, Giratina Origin Forme, Giratina Altered Forme, and Gastly and still doesn't S-Rank

  3. Martin Lin:

    I have darkrai and it will be super affective

  4. marielys cuadrado:

    I'm still stuck on the gahstly level in pokemon shuffle he is very annoying😬

  5. Neil Perena:

    Gastly is the hardest pokemon to catch

  6. yasna garrido:

    thnk i can catch gastly following the video strategy

  7. Garrosh:

    that's such bull crap because I did better than this stragedy video and I only get 15% do catch ghastly even after 2 moves left

  8. Syed Kamran:

    I can't defeat gastly

  9. keith trice:

    It took me so long to S-rank Lopunny!

  10. Daniel Lopes Lima:


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