Pokemon Mega Emerald X and Y Mystery Dungeon 1st and 2nd Wailmaier Puzzle Solution And Map Download

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    and genesect i forgot to write


    how did you get primal palkia I could only get mega deoxys in birth island

  3. TheAmazingGamer:

    I can’t do it

  4. Bhox Ruinz:

    Am bilis am pota

  5. Flaming Ghast44456:

    how did you get primal palkia?

  6. Ryhim Cyril:

    Thanks it worked.I had to try it a few times but it finally worked.

  7. Disposal Pizza Gaming:

    putang inang puzzle ambaba kasi ng quality ng video kaya hindi ko masundan.MOTHER FUCKER PUZZLE!

  8. Hootabell:

    instructions unclear got my dick stuck inside a gutter

  9. Ansh Ojha:

    thanks itwas a simple algebric puzzle i cnt undesrtand it but now done thnks bro

  10. Harvey Jamyr Cagomoc:

    dis is the hardest puzzle i have ever in my life!!! my brain doesnt work XD…

  11. Cyril Gaming:

    still dont get it

  12. Ricardo Gamer:


  13. ธารวุธ เอียการนา:

    kuy you

  14. S.K.F -SAKIF:

    bro i cannot go to this cave how to go??

  15. The Abassadors:

    who the fuck made this, they're such an asshole and thesis wasn't in the original emerald so they changed it like this

  16. Certamente não sou o Guilherme:

    +Rohit Kumar I Need cheat code to walktrough walls you have ?

  17. LeryBoladao:

    thaaaaanks broooooow

  18. Ichigo Player:

    i am download The guide but don't work ,Please help me

  19. Safwan Siam:

    why did i get a different map of mystery dungeon

  20. Jeferson Augusto:

    Meu deus como eu odeio o Wailmer

  21. Safwan Siam:

    where did u find the second puzzle???????

  22. Melinda Derla:

    Full video pls

  23. OchanaldoJoka:

    qual a próxima parte do puzzle????

  24. Patrick Dela Cruz:

    What is the purpose of the map download link?

  25. Karthi Yuva:

    Bro One Small Help ? In Battle Frontier , I Cant Play Battle Pyramid Because That Place Is Fully Dark !! Is That With The Game Or Mine Beta Version !! Please Help Meyh !!

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