Pokemon Emerald Complete Walkthrough

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  1. lemuel frederick:

    You talk to much

  2. Sumzi Animates:

    I bought GBA4iOS and i played pokemon

  3. Tejas Ahuja:

    Where is nobita and suniyo , Gian ?

  4. Bay Retro:

    How did you change the shaders?

  5. WarmPotato:

    53:16 Leg Day Beats Geodude, which has no legs, lmao

  6. Guilherme:

    So much good memories playing this… i was 17 when this game came out for GBA.

  7. Данияр Жангирхан:

    My swamped level 72222 fuck league POKEMON hard hard fac Brelom level 60 fuck

  8. Rogelio Cabrera:


  9. Rogelio Cabrera:

    rare candy chet code

  10. Pablo De Jesus Bolaños:

    Chris Pratt is that you?

  11. gabby morales:

    I caught abra using an ultra ball

  12. king3206 1:

    So much time wasted watching the words "press start". Why

  13. Becki Isabella:

    Back then, Pokemon was so much fun. It was really hard to Play it through, but now, it is Hella easy, which is taking the fun away.

  14. HawxTalon Gaming:

    Ima ask my parents if I can get a gameboy advance SP for my birthday so I can play pokemon emerald. Hopefully I can!

  15. Seema Panchal:

    Nee Pokemon game name

  16. Kristine Bautista:

    Dan is so much better than you

  17. Luis Davi Pereira:


  18. Vitor Kila:

    Eu ja jogei no mtabite ese jogo é vasiu de se ajar não é na pestor é no apotoide
    So mmescriver pokemon e ajo eu ajudo ta

  19. Aidan Elias:


  20. Vendy Rebelo:

    It gets hung every time😡😡😡😠😠😠

  21. Sayam Shrestha:

    very helpful but are you a stupid to use master ball on abra

  22. Bens Rebello:

    Thanks to the Person who made this video 😊😊😆😆

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