Pokemon Black 2: Part 21: Chargestone Cave

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  1. Domestic Dragon:

    you should make a walk through for omega Ruby and and show where hidden pokemon are

  2. Knuk Playz:

    i called my lucario Acero-spanish for steel

  3. Laci the Teletubby:

    Why u no funny ur a fail at being funny but a genus at Pokemon doe

  4. Anderson Pham:

    Thanks helped a lot I was stuck

  5. Wolf. Ie:

    I have a level 43 samurott and have beaten clay and the team plasma guy in the tonament but cant get past the bridge

  6. James Carroll:

    I named mine piggy and its level 39

  7. Tiny Dancer:

    Dont be hatin' on Snivy.My Serperior/Servine/Snivy has won every gym battle i put him through.Grass types are cool

  8. Zak Kirby:

    lol i was walking following exactly your steps, and i encounterd a bolore at the EXACT same time… XD

  9. Pierre Truong:

    Your voice is awesome :3

  10. Antonio Zizold:

    i already had an emboar when i was there (to much training)

  11. MaverickComics:

    The Jp one is different the English one Bianca and a worker blocks the bridge man WTF? How do I get out?!

  12. P C:

    You whine way too much

  13. ParanormalMasky:


  14. skinman2112:

    nosepass evolves by leveling him up by training it in chargestone cave.

  15. Terrylynn K:

    beat the pwt

  16. Terrylynn K:

    beat the pwt first

  17. Terrylynn K:

    it works on 3ds

  18. Chesney Wheeler:

    how do you get past the pokemon nest?


    You have to beat the tournament first

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