Parkour GO — Android Gameplay FullHD

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  1. spider man home comeming king of the city:

    This was the best game ever

  2. The gaming Om:

    Different map

  3. Frisk Gamer:

    Looks like a rip-off of Mirrors edge

  4. Leilani Taylor:

    there is a glitch in this game

  5. Hugo Silva:

    Saiba que eu sou mais bom doque voce

  6. Texting Stories:

    At 1:19 that golden rope is invisible on my game so how do i fix that please help

  7. G3ld0n_P0sts:

    For all the haters that think this guy is a noob suck my ass and fuck a homeless girl then hang yourself

  8. Shade Is me:

    Look at all those haters that are jealous of your skill and calling you noob

  9. Nuxyer:

    wow you playing game for noob in android a better pc games than android

  10. PhilipEnderGaming:

    Level rooftop i have 31 seconds noob

  11. Filip Majewski:

    Lean how to play because are u 10000- IQ noob

  12. Zabrion Fowler:

    im stuck on the map called sunset its hard if u have anytips plz tell me

  13. 용용이ᄋᄉᄋ ৡۣۜ͜͡:


  14. Monhjin A.:

    u fu*king noob ass*ole

  15. CaioMT [BS] ッ:

    a faze 3 é dificil

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