Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII-3 — The Movie — Marathon Edition (All Cutscenes 1080p HD)

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  1. Lai Sreyleak:

    My first time watching this movie I literally fell in love with these characters, they were all look so realistic and beautiful and I really wish Noel and Serah shall kiss each other in the scene but I'd never found it. why?
    If anyone have known the scenes plz reply. :)

  2. Val vill:

    3:04:24 wtf ? Why is this dungeon has no end

  3. Adelaida Latagan:

    it means MAGICS are exist

  4. Tylor VanL:

    what a trilogy

  5. Anime Lover:

    Anyone notice she used her family and friends and innocent people as a SWORD!?

  6. Ariel Wade:

    I love it

  7. Number 1 Bronze 5:

    So it's earth. those are poppies.

  8. Daniel Mezei:

    This game was filled with so much fear, saddness and sorrow just imagine what it would be like feeling all of it and being in a god like situation….. but in the end they all got through and it finally was all over sooo much emotion, Yuel was back with noel and sarah was back everyone came back, I have to say it was a fantastic story Final Fantasy never fails to create a wonderful story and turning this into a movie would be impossible.

  9. Brooke Austin:

    Thank you for taking the time to make these movies, I'm not a gamer but I apsolutly love watching these movies, thanks again

  10. Blucanite:

    This game was truly amazing!! It brought back so much memories of final fantasy xiii and part 2 then to here. I mean the story was incredible and Serah was pretty much the reason how they all got brought together. So thank you for the upload. This has truly inspired me xD

  11. Thierry Pierre:

    My favorite character is Lumina because she is a villain and doesnt act like it wait hold up….

  12. Donovan Graham:


  13. Mark Peters:

    Isn't nice to know that everything the 1st part of the game was working for was all for nothing

  14. Jake Rutigliano:

    5:13:18 If only you waited a couple more days, then Snow would have been shirtless.

  15. DS S.:

    3:54:20 I never understand why the FF13LR creators put a "Bhakti's Oil" next to the dead bodies when you previously had at least 3 of them to boot up Bhakti. This Bhakti's oil is useless in the inventory and its not like you have a second Bhakti to boot up in the game right? Because the game flow is that you need to save Bhakti before you encounter the dead bodies, it would have been make more sense for the "Bhakti's oil" if Lighting received the note prior meeting Bhakti.

  16. KaitdakPhotoba Games:

    I was REALLY hoping for Serah and Noel to hook up… QoQ

  17. CoolRiver9 T.V.:

    2:10 terrified me

  18. hayharut:

    why pay a whole 20 bucks for the game when you can just play it for free on youtube?

  19. Viki Vb:

    They don't always die but when they do they don't.
    (I love this about the game)

  20. Schlomo:

    That beard got me…:D

  21. Stellaluna:

    This was how the big bang happened hahah

  22. NoctLightCloud:

    I'm currently totally into FF14, but I still love the 13-series, especially the ending of Lighting Returns.^^

  23. Thierry Pierre:

    Serah rules 4 all!!!!!

  24. Thierry Pierre:

    Stefan rules 4 all!!!

  25. HaxHard:

    Damn it… I've watched FF XIII, XIII-2 and XIII-3 in 4 days… I've really liked the story even though I think that it slacked up a little bit in some moments…
    The story really caught me up and since the start of it I've been hoping to see a scene where our heroes could live a "normal" life all together, with Snow and Serah getting married etc…
    Since this didn't happen, it made me really sad.

  26. Tallfang:

    Lightning, WTF…

  27. Exoskeleton 11:

    7:16:24 Kept repeating that part. Don't deny it Hope. We know everything..

  28. bloodkiller20:

    This is my first time watching this and is 2016 the first 1 minute I already like lightning and I love what she wears and her haircut. Llllllllloooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  29. Michael Eshleman:

    finally, "FINAL FANTASY VII: REMAKE" is coming soon, for PS4 only…for me, as a XBOX ONE owner, I will buy a PS4 this Christmas 2016! Gotta LOVE IT!

  30. Locutus Borg:

    Claire Farron: still trying really hard not to be Erza Scarlet.

  31. Gamer Franklin:

    1:15:37 omg its sanji from one piece

  32. christian noel racasa:

    Is there a word to describe how epic it it?😶

  33. マルティネスステファニー:

    Omg… The end of FINAL FANTASY XIII 💜 is very handsome, not believe this end… Cry with Lightning 💜💜. This FINAL FANTASY is the best… I LOVE THIS FINAL FANTASY 😍😍

  34. Decem Cuizon:

    9hours like a zombie

  35. Armando Gonzalez:

    Meow meow chocochow

  36. jaccie freeman:

    Damn, Hope is ssssoooo cute💘💘💘💘💘❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣

  37. jaccie freeman:

    IT WAS SNOW!!!! SHIT LIGHTNING IT WAS SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Maily Tu Phuong:

    The end makes so happy❤️It's like they're in our world🌍I swear while I was watching the end scene and I looked outside of my window that the weather was really similar to the weather at the end☀️🌾😍

  39. Romain Guichard:

    France. The end. <3

  40. LMCdidi:

    I know there's no connection, but any fan FFVII? I think Lightning Returns is based on Loveless, the poem recited by Genesis: "When the war of the beasts brings about the world ends, the Goddes descends from the sky." 7:54:31

  41. Spears The amazing:

    The first final fantasy 13 and this one had the best ending

  42. 为立张:

    big crunch
    big bounce

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