LEGO Indiana Jones 2 — Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Part 3 — Races & Other Characters

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  1. Calvin Lizardi:


  2. Daniel Cruz:

    i got all characters all vehicles, all color legos 10/10 red blue green, all treasure boxes to complete  the spaceship! and i only have 76.6% completed! what the heck do i need to do to for a 100% complete.??????????? 

  3. Daniel Cruz:

    extra loc…. thats all i understood.

  4. Daniel Cruz:

    dude when you start talking about websites that can help me in this level, can you speak up at those points. im sure you dont have a dick in your mouth everytime you promote a website….

  5. ariel alfie:

    trick for blue bricks

  6. EmotionGamer:

    ¿What the fuck is that green pad with a red glow?

  7. jay Lolo:

    Thanks this video was alot of help for my son

  8. Rob Hart:

    The girls name is Irina Spalko

  9. XxXWarfanXxX 99:

    good video/buen video 10/10 ;)

  10. borisvdm:

    @awesomedude192 press the button you normally use for your special

  11. Richard Lovato:

    if u want the interdimensional being just go to and search up cheats for lego indiana jones 2

  12. Wade Garrett:

    i got the dig one first time haha

  13. Jeff1328:

    @lobster364 In a race. I completed the whole game without this guy.

  14. awesomedude192:

    how do you reverse?!?!?

  15. TheOhioMommy:

    Love the game. The nexgenwalkthroughs have made it much much easier, esp in finding certain characters that we need.

  16. chknrsandTBBTROX73:

    i did the raft races without the shovel you can still control it its very easy

  17. Erwin Magiełda:

    How can I get a men with shovel?

  18. Thehunter thomy:

    the car boat is a truck boat truck

  19. Sandra Unkow:

    her name is irna spalko

  20. tushar sagar:

    how to unlock the woman with sword ?

  21. Paul Sinding:

    @rob2049 he unlock a dynamite/bazooka man at 4:25 after a race with the car/boat thing

  22. rob2049:

    Hey numbnuts, stop flying around, and follow the storyline, from one place to another. Switching back and forth is useless. Crystal skull, second part have 3 characters, end up with a bus and motorcycle. You race around with a motorcycle ending up with a mental patient, need someone whjo handles the dynamite, so I can finish this level. Useless guide!

  23. halofan545:

    @flyingzombie12 you find her broken up at the last level or the temple

  24. Megastarwarsfan101:

    thanks so does anyone know what that green octagon at 00:17 please reply

  25. laughalotfunnyloveit:

    at 0:17 that green octagon with the red glow above it, anyone know what you can do with that thing?

  26. G To The Zee:

    Loved the first one, so classical and requires thinking :)!

  27. WZRArchive -

    Thiss worth getting i was thinking about getting it !?

  28. evilryutaropro:


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