Just Cause 3 — Volo Infra Ponte 5 Gears — Air Race

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  1. austinchery:

    These plane missions are fucked on the PC version. The dumbass devs didn't realize keyboards don't have input sensitivity.

  2. Jacob Williams:

    This is challenge is complete bullshit. This should be completable with the default vehicle the game gives you. Square Enix and Avalanche make these stupid decisions that stunt their games enjoyability.

  3. TheHolydruid:

    wtf i cant beat this with my plane?!

  4. saltyp:

    You can't get up to those speed with that plane in the current version of the game.

  5. Chase Magi:

    omfg he barely made it with those OP mods …

  6. Paul Petru Alexandru Cazacliu:

    :| It's evident that the consoles have a frame rate issue with this game, especially in those high demanding events. Anyway, great race.

  7. Daniel Rieck:

    I got 4 seconds off 5 gears using the NOS glitch

  8. mishap:

    Great video, thanks for your help as always

  9. itchymitchy99:

    Do u have nitro 2?

  10. FredNET:

    I think they made the air plane slower, I cant get more than 305 as max speed with boost.

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