Just Cause 3 Open the Gate in Terrible Reaction Mission

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  1. amarov gaming&vlogging:


  2. TheCorsair93:

    Fucking gate lol

  3. Emirhan Duman:

    Or you guys can use yours hook its working

  4. MadGuyGaming:

    Thanks oh and this game is glitchy af

  5. sergio patrik:

    One year

  6. TheMajestic0reo:

    How hard is it to attach a tether to it. I got it first time I played this mission.

  7. Wolff:

    There is an actual video for this?

  8. Pičo Debilní:

    I hate idiot who made this mission

  9. xXReApErXx xXKiLlErXx:


  10. ofan ahmad:

    Omg, its so easy, just press holding shift after dual tether between the things, problem solved… !!

  11. Ortega_ Gaming:

    Use the guys truck it works

  12. amarov gaming&vlogging:


  13. Skyvolker Lajos:

    omg idiot

  14. Boogga Boo:

    Use the double tether. Pin it to the door then to the cross bar up top, repeat it again for the second time, you should have 2 tethers connected to the door and the top.

  15. F:

    You fing idiot you were supposed to tether the gate to the top and reel it open.

  16. JasTGC 911:

    i came here CUZ IDK HOW TO OPEN IT!!!

  17. cawagoshy:

    hello asshols… having a trouble opening the gate hahaha

  18. WhoseverJet:

    This explains nothing to the new players to the game

  19. Andrew Caple:

    another way is if you role the cans to the gate and then shoot them

  20. Butcher Petaway:

    That shit didn't work, I just tethered that gate to the top like 4 times and it opened, that shit was annoying.

  21. shango thomas:

    Stupid game design still exists.

  22. Rufinoman:

    Nice one!
    Whatever it takes does it.

  23. Erik Hassel:

    omg thank you!!!!

  24. Nottz Gamer:

    THANK YOU!!!

  25. Chris Combs:

    hey fuck yo you dick

  26. Beninu Andersen:

    That's stupid and too much work for such a simple and obvious task. Stick a wire to the beam and the other end to the gate and pull the wire together and the gate opens … DUH!

  27. Hawaiian Cam:

    What if I already destroyed the two barrels!!!???

  28. Griggs133:

    Thank you, I was running around looking for a console for like 10 minutes before I realized you had to do this -.-

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