How To Catch Feebas! (Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire)

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  1. M.C Gramata:

    A ah hmm. Why can't my rods can't hook any? Is it bug?

  2. Soul EpicNess:

    It only took me 5 fish to reel in to find him lol right next to the water fall on route 19

  3. Ana Sava:

    Where are those spots? I've been fishing for more than a week for this Feebas and I think I'll lose my mind! :))

  4. Epic_miner_ HQ:

    This wont work. Why why why. Everytime i fish using super rod it says to late why why why

  5. weng jameson:

    feebas the ultimate legendary boss

  6. Shefali Ghosh:

    which route is this

  7. Lil' Boy:

    I found it in 2secs, defeated it because it was male. SO STUPID

  8. markjared pacle:

    I caught a feebas and i named it osama

  9. Nelima Terangpi Terangpi:

    What the fuck man fuck you bitch


    my first time fishing I cotch a GARIDOS

  11. PixelToken:

    I was searching there for around 20 minutes until i found a feebas. A shiny feebas.

  12. TheLivingDeadsays:

    I was pissed of using the Super Rod. So I used the old rod instead and caught a Feebas in less than 2mins!

  13. imma hoe:

    *watches the video then followed what the video says.

    Equipped an Old Rod, tried fishing near the rocks 4 times.

    Tried fishing on the spot just like the fishing spot on the video. Caught a female feebas on 3rd try.

    True Story.

  14. Dorian Perez:

    You can still amuse yourself by training Pokemon!

  15. Frankie Barraza:

    dude i just caught one like 20 minutes after playing FUCK YESSSS

  16. Kyle Clendenon:

    caught two at same spot

  17. Odyyy:

    It's so hard, that I wanna cheat on it. T.T

  18. Space Waffles# 325:

    is it worth it to find a feebas

  19. Kevin Murguia:

    instead of finding feebas i found latios instead

  20. mahmud Yaranli:

    How to fish in emerald in emulator?

  21. Nitron:


  22. Jack Mulcahy:

    Does this work on oras

  23. Midnite St0rm:

    Day 4 of my search
    The swarm of Carvanha is relentless
    They do not stop swarming around my poor HM slave Zigzagoon that is somehow big enough to carry me on its back through the water
    There have been no traces of Feebas around the weather institute. Perhaps they have fled downstream. Or perhaps the Carvanha have eaten them all
    The rain does not stop. Probably something to do with the weather institute
    I fish and fish and fish and my super rod becomes weak. I do not know how much longer I will be able to keep this up.
    I only wish to obtain one, single Feebas so that I can finally "catch them all" as they say
    I rest for now. Perhaps tomorrow I will make some progrss

  24. Kawa Saki:

    This technuiqe is (STUPID) i dinin't catch a single feebas i only found just stupid carvanahs

  25. Kalili:

    You will never belive me…

    I ACTRUALLY GOT HIM ON MY THIRD TRY!!!!(On the third tile i tried) i almost fainted irl xD

  26. Andre Leblanc:

    tell me the phrase you used in dewford

  27. n0surprises:

    Fucking Carvanhas man

  28. Dukeboh:

    i don t konow where are u !!!

  29. Devzio:

    holy shhh i caught a feebas on my 14th tile after watching this video!!!

  30. Daemon Gamer:

    I don't know how to use super rod

  31. shinyeon23:

    I got upset finding feebas so I cheated and used a hack to catch another trainer's pokemon lol. I caught the feebas of the trainee in the sootopolis gym. The trainer in the video also had a feebas i think but I already defeated him before even doing the hack. So I've been looking everywhere for a trainer with a feebas haha

  32. Someone Heh:


  33. GAZA PRINCE #Gazanation4Ever:

    just 2 tries and i caught one 🙌

  34. Ana Moreno:

    i press b and wich is the botton

  35. 09crf250dreamz:

    Fuck Carvana because of those assholes I pretty much always have to go for a corphish instead

  36. EonShade:


  37. Alexander Dela Cruz:

    Real lier always I'm getting overheat because of you!!!!!
    “ψ(`∇´)ψ ;"(

  38. Anthony Man:

    1…not even nibble
    2. oh a bite it got away,
    3.let this comment

  39. Tristan Radeka:

    I spent a total of 5 hours searching and evolving feebas today but I was home sick from school today. The funny thing is I got lazy and started doing 1 per spot and I found it the first one I decided to do that on

  40. Nightigal:

    30 minutes in "what will I find first a feebas or a shiny carvanha"
    15 minutes later "Oh look a shiny carvanha, how nice"

  41. Paul Adrian Santos:

    After watching this video i go to this spot and randomly fish 1st try feebASS caught damn… thanks for sharing this video

  42. Trafalgar Law:

    You should use Dive Ball instead of UltraBall which happened to be less expensive and have great advantage toward Water-type Pokemon

  43. CI Sneakers&more:

    Funny story i have this is how it went:
    1.watched this video hard could that be
    3.CARVANA I HATE YOU!!!!!!!
    4.after 30 mins., screw this…
    5.went under bridge in the center of the lake
    6.this is never gonna work bites
    8.i bet it`s carvana…
    9.finds feebas
    11.chucks great ball caught
    13.on cloud 9
    14.writing this comment

  44. Jeff Carver:

    Settle in, grab a snack, and put on some tunes. this is gonna take a while.

  45. CrazyWookie7403:

    OMG OMG I caught it on my second try it waz on lv 21 and was a male thanks so much !!!!!!!!!!

  46. Tommy Russoniello:

    wow I must be super lucky, took me about 5 minutes

  47. Nicholas Ekyyo:

    Feebas was about as easy to catch as catching a koffing in sapphire, or catching a rayquaza with underleveled pkmn….

  48. Raynox Lucio:

    WTF i spent about 2 hours and getting frustrated and upset to find this feebas but still not found it meanwhile u managed to found this SHITTY feebas in just 2 minutes!? DAMN IT!!! makes me wanna throw my gba! T_T

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