Hitman: Absolution — PART 1 Playthrough + GIVEAWAY [PS3] TRUE-HD QUALITY

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  1. Sir Demon:

    Guys guys guys in gamestop you can buy hitman absolution pre-owned for 5 bucks stupids

  2. Sir Demon:

    What an ending

  3. Sir Demon:

    Can you skip the intro?

  4. ‫الثعلب القاتل‬‎:


  5. Kelman Fidelio:

    I Thought I Play Hitman Absolution on PS2

  6. Humam Khan:

    Giveaway really??

  7. Edi Ramshaj:

    ps3 have the best games in the world and is the best console



  9. JmArdns:

    can i still enter the giveaway?

  10. sharmeen khan:

    Hitman games are very hard but I like them

  11. Linkin Park fan:

    I have a PS3, should I buy this game or first play the other parts for PS2?

  12. Isaac Bernardelli:

    O jogo que eu mais gosto é o hitmem

  13. Isaac Bernardelli:

    Show legal fas o jogo god of War ou o gun é legal bem logo

  14. _ ANGRY_BLUE_JOE _:

    Like and sub please give me copy for PS3 PLEEEEEEEEEAS :(

  15. Azure:

    RIP Prostate Cancer Guy.  You were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  16. iTonyBC:

    I like all Hitman games!

  17. Anthony Gray:

    Hitman is good,game

  18. E anacreon:

    get some!

  19. Nathan Steba:

    awesome vid!!

  20. paras khan:

    Naked women seriously

  21. Sanni Partanen:

    Hitman is fucking hot. 

  22. PitchDaffy:

    "It's not prostate cancer? I can kiss you right now!" Dies anyway

  23. Andreas Shabo:

    Do commentaries 

  24. Rane A.:

    This looks absolutely amazing, but I'm not too good at being patient and using my brain, lol.

  25. DT Jackson:

    Seriously, subdue him. He's just a grunt, there's no need to kill him when you can just get him out of the way for awhile. Jerk.

  26. Bobby Brian:

    Hitman Absolution is on my wishlist !!

  27. Angel Balleza:

    This game is soooo awesome.

  28. bob lasley:

    year it is better and HD

  29. bob lasley:

    fucking show fuck me i am getting on ps3

  30. George Kolovos:

    good games fuck

  31. Guilherme Saueressig:

    My PS3 sucks. It only haves 37Gb of HD.

  32. Артем Зимин:

    Cool Game!

  33. Setra Prabhu:

    when its allow in ps 2

  34. 74District:

    can this goes up to 1080p on ps3?

  35. Henry Teukai:

    Just played this

  36. Houmer Japonicik:

    wow Agent 47 actually has mercy

  37. xFamous:

    Whats your game capture?

  38. ajay chitnis:

    which tv do you use??

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