GTA 5 Online HEISTS — The Prison Break Heist (Part 3) — FINALE! (GTA V Online)

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  1. Khunain Hussain:

    me and my friend done it wen we jumoed out it said rahkosity died

  2. Ltlxiv:


  3. ThomasTheGreat:

    I can't stand that girls accent

  4. Josh Dyer:

    Add me peeps. PanzerGymnast37

  5. Kompusz Kevin:


  6. Squibby The squid:

    Add me on ps4 gtag theSquid2016 need help on Gta

  7. Zach Hlibichuk:

    who has Xbox one and tryna run some heists? comment if you want to

  8. Isaiah Martinez:

    is anyone interested is doing on ps3 because if so I need ppl who will actually play

  9. Killer Man:

    Amy name is stoneninja08 on Xbox on ps4 my name is jordanfife

  10. Yougetheadshot:

    who wants to play prison break today?

  11. Yougetheadshot:

    who wants to play prison break today?

  12. Gabriel Ch:

    I like your videos man

  13. Gregory Whitfield:

    dang this dude sucks

  14. Gregory Whitfield:

    dang this dude sucks

  15. Earth2Jillian:

    omg howd they do it the first time damn

  16. Elias Vasquez:

    the chicks accent sounds hot👌👌👌👌👐

  17. gogreenmotivation:

    fly low and through the valleys to lose the cops

  18. Lee Y:

    Will somebody do the setups and heist with me? PSN: KxngPlatinum I have 3 setups and the heist left. I'm a Rank 45

  19. Jay Maxwell:

    Add me on PS4 Maxwell boyz because I need help with the hesit

  20. Jesus Marquez:

    Will any1 do heist setups on Xbox one ill give u 20% cut and I have a mic im Gamertag is WateryFlea26818

  21. Dreamer1422:

    Damn.. GTA V Online looks like ton of fun. Too bad I dont have any friends.

  22. Running Door:

    Can someone help me with a heist name (charliedooris)

  23. Jayden Granger:

    is that kris London

  24. Ron Smith:

    Who wanna play this on Xbox one drop you're gamer tags and I also have a mic

  25. Harrison Jr:

    I subscribe 💵🗡💣 expert thief

  26. BLUEMARINEinc:

    Xbox 360- Ezstro need a good pilot, prisoner, and prison officer. ((Best to have a mic))

  27. Rayna Moncrief:

    is XT playing

  28. Estylzzzz:

    you are my favorite xpert

  29. Cringe Gamer:

    So why when i join the same heist my cut is always 15,200. It was only 500,000 once, and that was the same heist

  30. Oscar Lopez:

    nies v.ds

  31. Jae Codders:

    I need help guys
    PS4 name is CoddersJnr

    Read more

  32. Dorie Neuman:


  33. nathandemaat:

    still need to do this one add nathanisgay2756

  34. Lowspecgamer RSA:

    I'm doing this Heist today All South African Mission because everyone from the same country =P my Heist will go Well i hope

  35. Roebin Luciano:

    for some fking reason i wont lose wanted level in velum dafuq

  36. Rohan Khosla:

    I need players for this mission plssss help and join (reply if anyone can)

  37. Simone Roberts:

    i cant get to go online on gta 5 can you tell me wa to do plz i want to play with you on job and f

  38. mzria pedroza:

    a bro u are my favraite youtuber and hike the gamer and tipical gamer

  39. Assgar Hassam:

    Great team work, i tried playing this heist but unfortunately I had a lousy team.

  40. Toxic Two Stroker:

    Is there a way to do this stealthily?

  41. PineApples360 SWE:

    Add me on Xbox one name:Hesoth : plz help me with the Hole prison break i nerver find team mates i have mic

  42. Rebel Gamer JR:

    Wait where's the bald guy

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