Grand Theft Auto V Trailer

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  1. angelo gabriel:


  2. Kevin Muñoz:

    Wow I remember that day, was my birthday

  3. Billy Bird:

    How far this game has fallen…. unfortunate

  4. Лол Кеков:

    I'm gonna wait GTA 5 for Android! I think this is Real on this date,because Smartphones have crazy powerful Processor's! Waiting GTA 4! Because this year is 10th Anniversary of GTA 4! 2008-2018! Cmon RStar u can do this!

  5. UnboxingGames BR:

    Nossa, nada disso parece mais o GTA V

  6. gàmés óf épîçs:

    Does GTA V require internet connection to play? And also is it necessary to do in-app purchases to further continue the game?

  7. Rulo Imm96:

    Michael de Santa is different haha 0:39

  8. Johan Hotma:

    these old GTA V trailers are so damn good and it reminds me when GTA V came out, man.. so many good old memories

  9. Negnav123:

    Trevor wasn't even created back in early days of the development of GTA V?

  10. velociraptor4554:

    6 and a half years and still on the top selling lists every month

  11. TriLimbix:

    I can't buy it on steam because i don't have enough money to buy it.

  12. JONAS JONNH Nunes:

    Finalmente aleluia

  13. luis Tovar:

    Aquellos tiempos en donde pensábamos que michael era tommy berceti y el tipo del minuto 1:06 era cj aahh aquellos tiempos

  14. Yee dinosaur 420:

    I remember me and my friend being hyped af bout this when we were like 8

  15. Michael De Santa:

    And I remember when i move to Los Santos.

  16. Eduardogamer :v:

    1:05 is cj in gta v

  17. Frencesco Felice:

    Like 2018

  18. The Grassy Man Productions:

    Experience has taught me that a man like you can very loyal for the right price

  19. valdir schlender:

    Grande teft
    auto vi

  20. This Kevin:

    Already 6 years from the release
    Time flies

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