Far Cry Primal Walkthrough Part 7 — Jayma the Hunter (Let’s Play Commentary)

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  1. Eric Tyler:

    Haha yes the crazy one armed man reminds me of the German soldier guy in FC3

  2. Jaidyn killchannle:

    love e this game

  3. Sarah Novak:

    the blood tooth sabor, blood cave bear, and snow blood wolf are the best and strongest animals to have it takes time to get these animals but worth it i have all 3

  4. Sarah Novak:

    the double bow not a fan you lose 1 arrow only 1 arrow hits the guys

  5. Sarah Novak:

    i love the stash you get it adds so much shit up in your stash

  6. James williams:

    where the sling at

  7. Callum Lintern:

    Wow.Far cry really has gone into a downward spiral.I tried so hard to like this game but I can't. Hopefully, the next one's better

  8. Jaber Almarri:

    Guys look at the description he meant to put
    Released:23 February 2016 but he putted
    Released 23 February 2015

  9. NewWaveFan1:

    He just crushed his nards or just castrated about himself hahahaha….

  10. Melody Griffin:

    me too.

  11. Tjard Hamming:

    Just so you know, you aren't raiding their stash, but its your own and you can access it at several places like bonfires

  12. The Naked Argonian:

    1:45 …and that's why I like being a reptile.

  13. Kevin Dodge:

    ME too lol

  14. Dark TuTo:

    ce jeu est bon

  15. Jeffery Ford:

    Tame the bear

  16. Sunny Price:

    I laughed so hard when that old crazy one arm guy hit himself in the balls that I farted

  17. hafizin ct_emas032003@yahoo.com:

    wait it is Asian,cause tapir only in asian or southeast Asia

  18. BlackFox Cosplay:

    it's not tapebeer it's (Tape-ear)

  19. Honey Badger:

    9:49 Witcher 3 :D

  20. Andres E. R-Adjunta:

    Don't insult the tapirs!

  21. matsuba:

    OOOH!! Them thar nuts took a hit. @1:47

  22. Charles Dimaggio:

    u can make your owl attack u now

  23. Harrison Loch:

    oh god, my balls hurt when fuckboy pissman hit himself with the claw.

  24. The Titanium Wolf:

    and to think this all started with a blood enduced drug trip

  25. Becca Can't Game:


  26. kimbercustompro1911:

    took me forever to notice the yellow area on the map after killing and skinning the bear, shitty game design

  27. Wolvenworks:

    every man felt that grappling hook smacking on the balls

  28. Eatenjaguar98:

    1:50 felt that from through the computer and 7:53 imagine if that missed in the up direction just a little bit.

  29. Bannik13:

    Can't wait to tame a saber tooth!!

  30. awesome kittyninja:

    ride the lion you will go faster

  31. lefty man:

    wish they talk English already!!

  32. TeddyBearTerminator:

    When the crazy man hit himself in the balls I cringed

  33. Tola Vong:

    nick do these one faster ,it really enjoyable

  34. Naz:

    you should live stream.

  35. Alex Winterhalter:

    1000th viewer

  36. swirlybird6 sweg:

    this game is the best

  37. Caleb Cowl:

    hint switch to a jag when doing stealth missions

  38. North Cinematics:

    if you want check out my fan trailer for Far Cry Primal your more than welcome

  39. Dank Dawg:

    Fifth comment

  40. Bradley Graham:

    I love this game

  41. Emperor Penguin:


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