Far cry primal how to get across to the udam homeland

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  1. Bekri Mustafa:

    fucking retard!

  2. Abdulrahman Alrashed:

    you are the best I thought my game glitched

  3. cscott8585:

    thanks for the help

  4. agent micen:

    Thank you ^،^

  5. TheFinalTitan _:

    Thank you so much!!!! You helped me a lot. You have a ps4 or xbox one?

  6. Balal Ahmad:

    Nice one kid!

  7. Hollow Break:

    Going to have a new video out soon different game though

  8. Ahmed Alqarni:

    thank you💙❤

  9. Hollow Break:

    Nice word dude😐

  10. Caddy Mobuccs:

    Thanks fucker!

  11. Kai obe:

    Thanks man!!!!!!!

  12. Gavin Chapman:

    Thank you

  13. Xm.101:

    Thanks dude u helped me so much

  14. The Republic:

    I swear he's saying Hudam

  15. xcosdindricht:

    👏 thanks man

  16. Bryan Ledesma:

    thank you

  17. Art Inspired:

    "Did you check everything?"

    Yes. I checked the map, crafting, skills, went back to my village to talk to the quest giver, and I even went as far as to check my village and my pack. Nothing!

    "Did you check the healing menu on the D-pad?"


  18. Stephen Summers:

    Been looking everywhere trying to figure that out! Thank you! :D

  19. Anthony Brescia:

    Thanks couldn't figure it out forever

  20. PopsTSH:

    yo thanks alot man I didn't know how to find the entrance

  21. Gregy Boy123:

    thanks for showing this bro! Im dutch to ;)

  22. Xstartgaming:

    Thank you

  23. The Druids Head:


  24. Batuhan Asig:

    Thank you soooooooo much i could not find a way Thanks , sorry for bad english i live in the netherlands

  25. Epic Dovah:

    THANK YOU!!!

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