Far Cry Primal Get Stink Ingredients for Urki l Urki’s New Stink Walkthrough

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  1. Tiger Gavin:

    I love Urki he kept saying fat ass

  2. Kin Slayer:

    for those who havent tried it but when he fails against the bear attack pick him up and throw him in the river, i swear he gurgles and doesn't die from drowning, i was tripping out lol

  3. Magers Family:

    I put his body in water.

  4. WegZurHölle:

    new fatass for urki! go get him some fatass uruquala! go smaadshja!

  5. PYS- Emre Eskioba:


  6. SatanicDpyro -Memes and cringe:

    here you have it guys, the Larry the Cable guy of the stone age :)

  7. prtnst:

    Urki is Wenja-Murican

  8. XxDireWolfxX:

    0:19 Am I the only one who heard urki say fatass?

  9. David Mevis:

    this is the long, slow way…..

  10. TCS Productions:


  11. y_m_o:

    My games bugged out (as usual) so can't collect Honey in this quest-line. God I hate ubi-shaft. Oh and have another weird bug where every time I make a flaming arrow, it NEVER stops making them and other weapons too are on fire. Have to jump in water to stop it. Causes no end of problems in quests where I just cause fires everywhere and kill my own people. Also screws up the steathiness of the game as well. f*cking buggy sh*t game! :/

  12. Fa Al:

    fuck you URKI, I hope they remove you in the next update..
    you and your stupid request

  13. Rawan r:

    I don't know how to do it? R2 and right!

  14. GamerZ Cast / بودكاست جيمرز:

    how was u do it

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