Far Cry Primal — Gameplay Walkthrough Part 3: Tensay the Shaman

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  1. Brother Coduss:

    wow…..i only just now realized it, but horizon zero dawn totally ripped this game off.

  2. Dave Langner:

    really enjoy how you are BURNING the world to ash

  3. Ashutosh Patel:

    thanks i was going the wrong way

  4. InfiniteSea:

    Even during prehistoric times they make a black dude a drug dealer smh

  5. TheNightmareGamer GamingNightmares:

    The owl is so cute

  6. Blood of Gaea:

    1. Light spear on fire.
    2. Proceed through the forest.
    3. Go to attack someone with spear.
    4. Realize your the binding for your spearhead burned off.
    6. No Profit.

  7. aminluqman hakim:

    man… because of bad internet connection that i have..
    i cant really read the sub… (watch the video in 144p)
    just watch the action and cowboy commentary: thank cowboy.. do like you gameplay..

  8. G0atboy:

    Anyone know how plausible for the time period and place it is that Tensay is a black guy?

  9. Megan B.:

    6:59 And people wondered where AIDS started. Oh God…..

  10. dialingdust:

    If you die from disease. At the very least you'll know why you died.

  11. ffwed adawd:

    Yup, not buying this piece of shit. If they have to revise history because they're cucked by political correctness and have to throw in a token black person then I am not giving them my money.

  12. morfeas333:

    this game is PETA's nightmare :P

  13. mr pancake:

    What could be more baller than a flaming spear you say? How about.. A Sunlight Spear! lol

  14. GoddyGaming:

    Assassin Creed 3 >.>

  15. Jesus Bin Laden:

    Too bad you have to play on console :(

  16. Syed Alsagoff:

    the beginning of Pokemon…taming wild creature

  17. Gerard G:

    you know owls are nocturnal so calling them in day is super rude

    also you heal wolves with meat, but what if the meat happens to be wolf meat

  18. Sarah Hillary:

    Lions and tigers and bears oh my

  19. Akhil Thadur:

    Did you just ignite an arrow from the corpse of a warthog that you ignited with a flaming arrow?

  20. Cesar Lorenzo:

    im really enjoying these farcry gameplays alot

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