Far Cry Primal Gameplay Walkthrough — Part 11 «ESCAPE THE CAVE» (Let’s Play)

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  1. RichTPlayz:

    I'ts to deadly Biotch!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. ahmed hassan:

    please how do you make fire on weapons

  3. 23Haknazar23 Sultanov:

    Oh it was inside the jaguar thanks so much

  4. Fran McCalop:

    that bear's bigger than he is how is he able to tame it

  5. Garrett Bias:

    who else caught goldies unintended piss pun

  6. AquaticMeatBawl:

    3:00 I had some serious flashbacks to when you played "the forest" and would see those fucking cannibals running through the woods at night.

  7. Vladi Vasilev:

    learn the skill to ride the bear

  8. MuSiCMaNiA2104:

    3:43 so fa-bear-lous

  9. Jamie-Lee Lockwood:

    We need a rhys cam or at least some more vlogs of him :P

  10. QuinntheSpin:

    Goldy will ride his Bear into battle like Putin does to slaughter the Ukrainians.

  11. R6S Clutches:

    sooooo niiiice i'm from germany you are soo cooooool

  12. Fluqe:

    Love this series keep up the good work

  13. Francesca Stone:

    Yesssss another one just as I was binge watching this series

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