Far Cry Primal — Big Darwa Fort Walkthrough [HD 1080P]

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  1. II xFlying_KobrazZII:

    I killed Dah and i dont get a cutscene or him in my village wtf.

  2. Keaton Tullis:

    maybe I tried to take the fort to early

  3. Garbage Man:

    ahh having a hard time beating this village, might be my weapons suck, I tried stealth and long bow

  4. xxlegitgamer12yroldxx:

    i killed some people and then came back and killed the last ones and it didn't say i beat the fort

  5. 6AM:

    Fucking did it over 20 times still didn't accomplish it ugh

  6. Paolo Bautista:

    Ok if your struggling use this technique it's not the best but not the worst just call your owl and send in your beast if it dies then call another only use 2 animals but your strongest

  7. Super-dan998:

    I done this all stealth and didn't have to battle dah, once I killed everyone the dah cutscene came up

  8. rob heller:

    I have been just running threw this game throwing spears in every body's face. nothing feels better then a head shot with a spear.

  9. Dave:

    This glitched for me. I killed everyone, but there was no cut scene.

  10. Trent M:

    Just grab a mammoth and wreak havoc. Done in less then 2 min.

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