Far Cry 4 Walkthrough Part 42 — Pagan Min’s Fortress (PS4 Gameplay Commentary)

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  1. Cool Max23:

    Can anyone help me get more subscribers

  2. Cool Max23:

    It has four alarms because pagan might get kiddnapd playing Pokemon go because his people are trash

  3. DragoN 3 FTW:

    After trying like 50 times on easy vs this weakened fortress i now officialy want to decapitate and butcher Ubisoft employes and their loved ones too. Seriously what do you fuckers expect from me? To ruin my eyes and back? Level your unfinished games properly you incompetent bastards! It already happened to me with several Ubishit games. Ubishit never changes. But their sales will. Watch frogs 2 already proved it. I love to watch it sell like shit! You are going down motherfuckers. DOWN.

  4. Subhadeep Modak:

    Subbed you mate! Simplest way of taking down fortresses! Love it!

  5. Sam Wang:

    I wonder why all the solders have a Chinese English accent.

  6. Beast:

    how did you get the harpoon cause i have ammo of it but not the weapon any one plz help.

  7. Since Fortin:

    What is the name of the weapon at 7:30? And what customizations have been done to that weapon?

  8. Doodlebugdude:

    You play like an idiiiot

  9. Kylo Wren:

    I feel like I'm watching Arrow all of a sudden

  10. Jake:

    only watching this because I have literally no way of getting this far in the game

  11. Angie Villeda:

    u suck dick+tetra ninja

  12. berrlett:

    Liberated all camps around this fortress until it's started saying weak fortress time to attack, little I knew about the 4 friggin alarms it took me heaps to follow no that last alarm in a shed.

  13. Sp1ral_b:

    what was the sniper rifle did you use?

  14. Jack Curren:

    At Pagans fortress, why was he getting 250xp for headshots?

  15. Buck-Hunter Gaming:

    Can I play with you sometime

  16. Jacob Ventura:

    What sniper is that

  17. cuccibro:

    two questions

    where did pagan go?

    does this mean ajay is king of kyrat now?

  18. NeO_mx:

    If you liberate:
    — De pler's fortress, it's now Sabal's.
    — Noore's fortress, it's now Bhadra's.
    — Yuma's fortress, it's now Amita's.
    — Pagan Min's fortress, it's now Ajay Ghale's.

  19. Mike_N_ Ike:


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