Far Cry 3 | Guide | Killing the Giant Monster

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  1. Jazmin BN:

    Matar al monstruo es fácil, el problema son los demonios que aparecen abajo y no ves.

  2. Todd Karas:

    wow just wow he missed like evry shot

  3. Mi aGnStU:

    6:12 jason has longer sleeves?

  4. andi apriadi:

    why he dont upgrade hp .

  5. qwerky123:


  6. mrjaffar:

    I f'ing hate this part of the game.

  7. Ege Dokak:

    The boss fight concept is so fucking stupid

  8. xXx_INCURSIO_xXx:

    Pussy so good he forgot his friends completely.

  9. Emily Newhouse:

    ah I got to good at killing enemies, and now I have to kill this thing! These small guys remind me of the darkness creatures in Fable III. I know this is like practice for when I have to kill a bunch of guys with a bow and arrow. I assume.

  10. Leonidas:

    When I fought this madafwack I didnt pay attention when it came out and when I looked at it I was like HOD UP .-.

  11. HikariAnnoxis:

    This mission was nicely done, but concept of fucking boss that spawn minions was outdated even in Sega and dendi times. Hate it.

  12. Adonis Christian:


  13. SPi:

    After i won this I was like what's Vaas now? nothing.

  14. BubbleFergusson:

    So… Citra "taking good care of you :D" is really a euphemism for getting drug raped?

  15. NaNoo Jack:

    This is the predator bow??

  16. Dorf Schmidt:

    This stupid mission sucked, had to lower the difficulty level to the lowest degree.
    Also the mission with Willis, where I had to protect him from getting shot, enemies from every direction, that mission really sucked.

  17. E Schur:

    What can i say..Kudos to u for getting to this stage of the game with only two health bars.

  18. Maxim:

    You went through that much, and you still didn't get additional health slots? What are you, a troll or just plain stupid?

  19. Terrell Peoples:

    While ur fighting dis thing ur getn fucked n don't even know it

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