Far Cry 3 — Doppelganger Mission: Enter The Cenote Via The Stairs, Stealth, No Kills HD Gameplay PS3

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  1. Károly Szabó:

    Dont waste your time with this video, the hard part not on it. LEAVE!!!!

  2. epicgamerdude02:

    If you can kill the Armored guys, it should be easy for me. I have THE one hit kill for heavys

  3. Javier Ontiveros:

    for those of you asking throw rocks with derictional buttons right

  4. Something Unpronounceable Maybe:

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  5. Dean M:

    Do you not know how to throw a rock?

  6. Arber Dumi:

    this game has the lamest stealth ever its way to easy to get past the enemies u even walk in front of them and they wont see you

  7. Aditya Ticku:

    great comment bawar mdhat

  8. Grenge g:

    you did it the hard way

  9. jayden gibson:

    Not finished going to where the 2 armored guys are

  10. Aaron Joshua Turrioni:

    This one is not complete im looking for the hardest part

  11. TheDragonDoji:

    Brilliant. The one mission I have serious difficulty with and the aspect most difficult…not in the video. So, in a nutshell this is a video of some bloke loitering in a cave.
    Really appreciate it when people take the time to upload helpful videos like this and not just pointless clips of gaming designed to promote yawns and 'Why would he upload this!?' internal questions.

  12. ratzinger18:

    dude wheres the rest of the mission? the hardest part is next lol

  13. Dynasty of Darkness:

    why do you upload only the easy part WTF!

  14. Badaboop Badabeep:

    This fucking mission is fucked up

  15. Chant Manalo:

    I'm nervous here ! haha

  16. Matt A:

    i can't throw rocks. my camera works to tag enemies but I can't throw rocks. anybody else have this problem? what buttons are you pressing to throw rocks on ps3??

  17. dailyflash:

    I'm not obsessed with anything, but you know what is happening. You know. So calm down, open your heart, and stop discriminating. Let love in.

  18. dailyflash:

    As you get older, you will hopefully grow out of your hate and fear. If you're lucky, your parents can help make that happen. I didn't want you to feel embarrassed about the trouble you had writing. You have a lot of time to learn and grow, to fill your life with love and kindness.

  19. dailyflash:

    You are adorable. I forgive your terrible spelling and grammar. You're a little kid or Pakistani, probably, but the best practice comes in actually writing, so keep at it. Anyway, I love you and I always will. You are a good person with a good heart and I wish you a lifetime of happiness, which I hope you will spread to all who know you. Best of luck and peace be with you, little guy. :)

  20. dailyflash:

    That's my point. It's a lot easier for you to whine than it is for you to post something better than he did.

  21. dailyflash:

    Please provide a link to YOUR video.

  22. dailyflash:

    His video helped me more than yours.

  23. Bawar Mdhat:

    And What's About After ? Dead ?!! Shit :D

  24. Nick Bagdanovich:

    this is such a bullshit vid!!! like i go on thinking im gon' watch a playthrough JUST to waste 8 mins of my life on the shit i ALREADY passed -.- like WTFFFF! he ended the video RIGHT at the part some these peeps need their assistance! and JSUT so ur faggit-ness is reminded…. SOME of us here havent been no-live and gaming for 30 years like SOMEONE here!!! if youre gon make a video, make sure it has a point to not JUST waste pointless fucking time >.>

  25. Video Games Source:

    Lol the trolls are out today!! You realize I made well over 3000 videos in less than a year right? This is just one video you guys can troll on (have fun). I do not make "Walkthroughs with Commentaries", "Let's Plays" "Tips & Tricks" or dance around and "act" angry on my channel. So when I get these comments about half missions etc or "what's the point of this video?" Its easy. You see, VGS videos are designed for SEARCH ENGINES not just youtube so keep that in mind.

  26. BrandonYtrY:

    You didnt even fucking do the whole mission asshole, but your sitting here posting comments dissing other people about it and saying its easy!

  27. Video Games Source:

    Thanks for the view hux2000. Have a great day and thank you for the comment as well!!!

  28. RtB68:

    …and still an asshole.

  29. Video Games Source:

    Thanks RtB68. For the record i do not make walkthroughs, hints, trophy, achievement guides. Thanks for the great awe inspiring comment my friend and have a nice day!! And as for me gaming 30 years (I am 36) I am an OG and damn proud of it!!

  30. RtB68:

    What an asshole. xorbemakes a fair comment and wad-man here diss'es him for it — complete with the condescending "old man at gaming" bullshit. What an asshole. Thanks for reading my post, asshole…lol. What an asshole…

  31. Video Games Source:

    Great comment! BTW how hard is it as a real gamer to do some stealth and just walk past all the guards after my video? I thought it was very easy personally. You gamers (these days) need that much hand holding lol? After 30 years of gaming times have changed everything must be so simple I guess. Thanks for your great comment btw xorbe2 and sorry you can't complete the mission cause its so difficult. Thanks again for the comment and have a great day!!

  32. xorbe2:

    Yeah I am stuck about 25 seconds beyond this … what a waste of 7:33

  33. Video Games Source:

    Sorry the capture device screwed up that next scene not me. I do have a video making it to the boat and starting from there. Thanks for the comment.

  34. Luca Gali:

    i need, the next part, please

  35. Video Games Source:

    All 3,000 plus videos since June 2012? Um no thanks!!!!! Thanks for the comment however. I don't do walkthroughs or take requests for the record. I am a simple gamer who has fun making gameplay videos nothing more nothing less! Besides don't every gamer these days talk and make walkthroughs on youtube? Go check them out. Have a nice day!!

  36. dijkmcc:

    What a pile of crap!!! If you're gonna do these vids practise them — then record!!

  37. Sgt Zwiebelbrot:

    Yes, we need the other half… it gets fucking hard….

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