Candy Crush Saga — HOW TO DO Level 109

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  1. scottystiffchicken:

    This video was about as useful as a cock flavored lollipop!

  2. Marion Egley:

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  5. sudhir neupane:

    I was jammed in this game and may need more Lives and Moves eagerly. Thankfully I identified this site in last couple days, acquired it with no problem. Hope this assist others! Candy Crush Saga — HOW TO DO Level 109

  6. josefa yvanna mardones monsalves:

    I have possibly taken a shot at this directly from my smartphone and this performed like a charm. Just ensure to develop the Lives and Moves from your gadget! Candy Crush Saga — HOW TO DO Level 109

  7. Andrew Ring:

    I can't do this been trying for 5 hours!

  8. Jeannie Robb:

    Thanks a lot!!! I've been trying to beat 109 for weeks. After going over your post three times I was able to crush second try!!!!

  9. daisy Carraway:

    Thanks for your post but it seems too slow in hacking, I found a much better hack on other site. ;)

  10. sisi bebe:

    I found this cheats to other site and is much better

  11. Ryan Sanders:

    This level made me quit a year ago. Tried it again this week and still bullshit. Not lucky enough to have the game generate a winnable board.

  12. howard huskisson:

    Not helpful

  13. Choujin Locke:

    You explain how to pass the level when you get a 5 in the first few moves, plus the bombs are conveniently both red. How about explaining it with cheats? Might be as useful as your video, which is useless.

  14. Hopes Alive:

    Had to sign in to say I love your videos!  You are the ONLY one who actually tries to explain what to do with your commentary, vs. others who just play the game, explaining nothing. I truly appreciate your videos and efforts!  Keep it up!  :)

  15. Shimi Mizrahi:

    נכון מגניב

  16. Donna Rondo:

    hardest level yet I don't get it why so hard you have to be really lucky to finish this one


    you need 4 jelly breaker booster (pink one) so start the level and break 4 jelly with use of this booster and then finish the level.. as simple as tht ..njoyy.

  18. TheRabbitFear:

    every time i make a 4 or 5 combo i either dont have 2 more to make it go off or my only move is matching something below then its out of line the odds are ridiculous 

  19. Jill Odom:

    I had no problem with this level.  Just lucky I guess.  I had much worse levels than this by far

  20. Claire Mackie:

    Cruellest level ever! Closet I've come is having one chained candy to crush and running out of moves! Seriously thinking of purchasing boosters!

  21. Susan Philburn:

    This level is a joke!! How you meant to clear this if all your getting is shit sweets to play it with!

  22. SunflowerMarie:

    the way to do it is get a stripey in line with the bombs and get rid of them

  23. h23 000:

    The Lucking Crush

  24. Sarah Katriel:

    What do you mean by "make some room"?

  25. Renee Hernandez:

    This level sucks! I had the bombs gone one time ran out of moves!! Ugh…

  26. Charles Woods:

    thx eleida diaz that really did the trick ;)

  27. Charlotte Godbyr:

    no way to beat this freaking level,Crazy 2 moves and your done.How can you get threw with the candies? & if you are lucky enough to get a few, the thing ends the second you get them.109 is stinks

  28. Conner demko:

    Yep, the most frustrating. If the game doesn't give you the opportunity, wasting
    lives and time! Been trying for a month now. Hate to quit, but why get frustrated.

  29. Bob Smith:

    And 6 minutes later I beat the level.. lmao

  30. Bob Smith:

    The amount of luck in this video is absolutely ridiculous omg

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