Bastion Walkthrough Part 18: Trapper Shingle — First Prize

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  1. Nathan Williams:

    I was ready to kill someone, until I remembered to target with shift. Good god it's so easy when you actually aim. No auto targeting is literally impossible

  2. J W.:

    To beat this level, drink werewhiskey, drop off ledge 5 time until it activates. Grab gun move forward and stop and hold Shift key and it will auto target. Shoot all the marks in range. Roll when walkway drops. Rinse and repeat and that is how you get to first prize.

  3. Raynelm:

    This is really easy with auto targeting.

  4. daveywonderful:

    This is perfect! Cheers buddy!!

  5. Rael Maximilian Lucius:

    well i tried this on my level 3.. and i got the first prize…

    the trick is, by using werewhiskey. then when you start just roll out the platform until your blood is red.

    after that use shift, right click and roll.

    dunno how to do the caels hammers tho..

  6. 3Mach1n:

    Thanks very much!

  7. Mitchel Lee:

    "The Kid" has aimbot LOL

  8. Chi Wang:

    You first have to set your control to keyboard stead of mouse.
    Make sure your mouse is near your targets when you hold shift, then you spam right click.
    Don't forget to roll stead of walk.

  9. Marc Ruth:

    @ZeusULT just using werewhiskey makes this challenge trivial. having 100% crit chances means you never have to shoot a target twice, thereby saving you so much time that you'll almost never see the floor behind you falling.

  10. ~Dist:

    how the hell are you supposed to do this at low level? Like, you know, with normal gameplay? The shift '' auto lock on '' doesn't work (playing on pc) to the targets and it sure hell aint possible to manually aim to all the targets in such quick succession.

  11. ZeusULT:

    I was level 6 when I did this right before the end boss, but guys, this is how. Equip Stabsinthe (auto attacks when injured), Hearty Punch (+1 cont), Werewhiskey (100% crit after 33%). When you start, don't equip anything and roll off the edge. When you land back on the floor, you do an aoe spike thing that kills the targets! Keep doing that as much as you can, then drink potions, continue etc. When you actually pick up the gun, all of the targets you have killed are already dead. You're welcome

  12. madoffler:

    not really much of a how to. unless the advise is to upgrade the gun to the point that the trial is trivial to complete

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