Assassin’s Creed Victory Revealed For PS4 Xbox One PC; Gameplay Trailer Coming To E3 2015!

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  1. Brandon Kubat:

    So is AC Victory actually AC Syndicate?? WTF I can't find anything about victory but im pretty sure its actually syndicate.

  2. Supra TT:

    they killed with this platform fuckn wack

  3. Matt Miller (R4gn4r0k):

    I wish it stayed as AC Victory, the character and atmosphere look much better. I hate that the Assassin's Creed series has become so generic, the original had so much promise. Also, why isn't there a non-lethal approach anymore? AC Revelations was ten times more enjoyable when pretending to be Batman.

  4. Apocolypse Zurvivor:

    And then… it never looked this good.

  5. 16dw13:

    Well that didn't happen according to plan

  6. jim corboy:

    What about xbox 360?

  7. techno blablabla:

    i thought it was syndicate maybe wrong named and they should made templars brothers hood make templars awesome FOOL!!

  8. Jayde cake:

    Unity is good for your games

  9. Mike B:

    It's not called assassins creed victory it's called assassins creed syndicate..

  10. Ray Nicholson:

    And how do you know all this info

  11. luifer juarezcab:

    What is the music you put at the beginning or if anyone knows his name?

  12. SuperAwesome HappyTIme:

    So two different assassins creeds in one year syndicate and victory yay

  13. Ethan Carter:

    The next Assassins Creed should be a perverted boy who uses his stealth to smack girls asses and run away without getting notice (there's a secret where he gets laid or gets to touch a boob)

  14. Soorya prabagar:

    this game looks like there is is a texture pack patched to assassins creed 5 im not gonna buy it ASSASSINS CREED IS FAILURE AFTER AC5 rogue was kinda good

  15. rock lee:

    so you get to drive cars cause i see cars

  16. Dany Vyto:

    another casual B-title?

  17. TheSkruer:

    I want pirates

  18. GunSniper3:

    Not called 'Victory,' called 'Syndicate.'

  19. ghostkilla96:

    When are we going to head to america during Slavery. That would be interesting.

  20. Remiel Scarlet:

    Music intro ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  21. The gaming raptor:

    I think that was Jack the Ripper on top of the cart in the screen shot

  22. Signor Loaf:

    Ok, setting a few things straight. In one of the pictures, there's a GNR 4-4-2 sterling locomotive. That model wasn't introduced until 1870, and has a BR early emblem on it. BR wasn't formed until 1948. So both the loco and the emblem are wrong for that time. Also, Jack the Ripper was in 1888, so that's not going to be a thing.

  23. Stewie Moves:

    what is the name of the song at the start and during the video?

  24. JakesNation98:

    I cannot believe this game great series is becoming call of duty.. And yet mindless fucks on YouTube make videos on YouTube talk about it as though it's a good thing. All they say is that they are exited about it but what you don't realize is that thy just keep putting a new game out every year and not letting it breathe and now it's just Losing it's magic and now they are adding grappling hooks. There goes the climbing machanic a that have made this game what it is for the last 8 years. Fuck ubisoft the money grabbing pricks.

  25. rexi1414:

    What's the Intro and Outro song called?

  26. Darkflametailz:

    Steam-Punk Assassin!!!! FTW!

  27. Tincho OMFG:

    Assassins creed the fall one more year 😭😭😭

  28. its ilf:

    Open world game in London? Try ps2 The getaway…. Amazing 

  29. Pineapple dude:

    3:48 minutes in look on the assassins left side it looks like a theres a gun that looks like it might be a revolver and revolvers were around at this time so this will really improve on ranged classes if you have ever tried to use rifles in ac unity it can be tricky to get the hang of shooting you have to time just right and normally just beat the hell out of people with the butt of the gun

  30. KidGamerNx:

    Fuck the ones who only like the graphics and the location. I just want a game to play.

  31. Mister Sinister:

    They should make another assassin's creed in Japan.

  32. FireSword001:

    I don't know but i have a nice feeling about this i didn't get when unity was first announced, the thing about sherlock and the surprisng rush into releasing another game holds a good comeback.

  33. Fuji Nation:

    any one else want another black flag

  34. eid “porsche” alhadhoud:

    what's wrong with AC Unity everybody !!!

  35. Ryan Reynolds:

    imagine if when you solve murder mysteries you unlock the jack the ripper costume which comes with a killing spree ability and a claw blade

  36. South Dempsey Productions | HUN:

    Can you tell me the title of the song? Damn it is so great!

  37. iMrAwsome132:

    Better be a Austin Powers reference

  38. Bruno Godos:




  40. Tree:

    As long as they don't make you reliant on getting better gear to have any chance to progress through the story I'm happy. I really felt it took away from my involvement with the story and made very 'disjointed' I guess you could say.

    The starting gear always seems to look cooler too in my opinion. :/

  41. kagsgirl:

    only place to go now is Asia, but i don't know if this would be good all ACs of the numbers 1-4 are good the sub series ones i didn't like.

  42. abdamit:

    still hoping for an AC in german history

  43. critsrogue:

    watch dogs in London, shadow map wont exist… I think london is the city with the most camera's in the world. like 99.99% city-coverage

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