ANTHIAN CITY GYM BATTLE!!!! | Pokémon Brick Bronze [#24] | ROBLOX

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  1. butters scotch:

    I traded my absol for a strong snorlax and he one shots everything


    Thinknoodles I’m on this LEVEL

  3. Jim Douglas:

    Were you get rotem

  4. Airmailmarrow51:

    I have a level 56 at this point and im having trouble

  5. Subhan Hasan:

    they are the most powerful pokemons

  6. Subhan Hasan:

    I have jirachi and ultra dragon and death ghost and Blaze

  7. Subhan Hasan:

    and the ad come on the video was so scary ._.

  8. Subhan Hasan:

    I'm lv 100 already Lol

  9. Dylancs Mx:

    i love roblox, i love pokemon, i love pokeblox

  10. ND S:

    what kind of you are for exp in all the pokemon after you win????

  11. Parker812:

    Just like how he used Motor through the entire gym, I used my Gyrados who has the move ice fang.

  12. Jaya Sajan:

    I don't know if the Pokemon fainted also they are telling it's not effective

  13. Michelle Benavides:

    yeah this is so glitched i just got both of the items and he just said hey there


    Did you know rock is super effective against flying

  15. Racist Fuck:

    Wow thx u think u let me know where is the tape

  16. Aleks Kuzma:

    Gligar is a rock

  17. Galaxy Wolf:

    I had the same problem with low lvl Pokémon

  18. Afro traveller:

    If u spped it up its so funny

  19. guilherme severiano:

    obrigado nao sabia passar do ginazio de vento serio obrigado mesmo

  20. Maxxine Eden Chloi Rose:

    I used Delphox and one hit kill every one

  21. Kareem Emad:

    Whos watch in 2017?

  22. ian Zavala:

    i have a pokemon thats level 68

  23. Gamer Best at roblox:

    My Charlie 1hit gligar

  24. Claustroid Jun:

    How do you pick up toolbox I cant

  25. Lil Gt:

    How did you get all the flying types?????

  26. Misael Guzman:

    Wow you are strong pokemon trainer but I'm not that strong of a trainer

  27. Jay Corazon Magtibay:

    For Some Reason…I Can't Defeat the Anthian Gym Leader…. : (

  28. Monica DFigueroa:

    You just pass the me shearing tape

  29. Carly Minc:

    Do you want Mewtwo? If you have all the Pokémon in the pokedex you can get Mewtwo.

  30. Romeo Juan Rueda- Cedo:

    Oh yeah yummy


    Pokemon sun was allsome


    Pokemon sun was alsome

  33. Donut Rainbow Diamonds:


  34. Renzo Dumalaon:

    this gym was hard for me

  35. Deborah Pinna:


  36. Black Asriel Dreemeurr x gaming:

    Talonflame pokemon fire type

  37. Toby Reed:

    I can't beat this gym

  38. Minecraft_ EXE:

    Hey think noodles you need a water pokemon that has water pulse and use level 58 one to beat this guy

  39. Minecraft_ EXE:

    I have gerninja and I beat this gym with only a 58 level gerninja I’m a boss

  40. Joshua Smith:

    U-turn forces the pokemon to go back.

  41. Grizgreninja Thex1xxxgamr:

    I can't beat this gym leader because of the ultimate secret weapon know as……………… THE CRASH, (it always crashes during this battle)

  42. sahil apollo:

    it was so hard i still havent beated it lol

  43. Mabelle Matias:

    Archeops actually doesn't look very cool, it kind of looks like a flying Pinata. ;)

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