Andre’s Adventure Walkthrough

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  1. Edwin Trejo Ramirez:

    Niga 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  2. bebzzy De los Santos:

    Dami mong alam!

  3. Samoeun Prak:

    I beaten this game 1 000 000 times without the walkthrou

  4. Matthew Stone:

    That was not a walk through you failed a few times

  5. harelsap1:

    Did anyone click at the end the blue thing O_o?

  6. Alex Tucker:

    make a second one

  7. Majinn Dex:

    can you help me ive been trying to find the final stage song its so awesome the part when he has to kill all the people not the boss

  8. tony tran:

    Buckets solve everything!

  9. Davor Radusin:

    ajde pravis se da neznas

  10. 2K GOD:

    Not really you have to hit it before it hits you like at mid-air point.

  11. Leobots03:

    This animation is an example of what can usefully do with a bucket, an AK47 and a saber. Reminder, always have these items then on itself! Or you have a shitty life!

  12. Thomas Stanley:

    its so hard to hit the grenade back at the guy

  13. Boomer:

    Annoying game with a loud sound track you can't turn off. Epic Bucket.

  14. Splash:

    i need help on thate so i came here thakes igot stock at a part and did not know whate to press

  15. JZ Jora:

    what a legendary bucket

  16. jorayx:

    That is the most useful bucket ever!

  17. Sharkey Smith:

    i want the main menu music

  18. MegaMcfelix:

    I HATE THIS GAME no thx for this game i like it

  19. Random Rainbowskull:

    Are a offcial member of stickpage?

  20. Daniel D.:

    What is the name of the track when dark andre appears?

  21. Tommy Ashworth:


  22. hhyukhyhhg:

    THANKS! that helped me a lot!

  23. Alexander Chrome:

    thanks so much I was stuck in the zombie Room

  24. Rajotazo:

    this game is horrible sometimes like when he throws the grenade at you you will press it but it will still fly at you and kill you.

  25. Aegiz YT:

    this is useful

  26. MrTube565:

    thx alot i beat the game wooo hooo

  27. Hxppy Txoughts:

    @nam4517 me too

  28. nam4517:

    thank alot i was stuck

  29. jibiyuko:

    can i get the link?

  30. AncientAncestor:

    Awesome job dude! (Y)

  31. LumayitoArLz Dx:

    DARK ANDRE!!! :3

  32. Lina Fatini Shatar:

    there is some glitch around here

  33. Adam Zaim:

    Emm… haha, I don't know how to explain. >.>

  34. Adam Zaim:

    There are still glitches about the music in this game.

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