Amphibious Assault (No Lung Capacity) — GTA: San Andreas Mission #61

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  1. Ronald Mack:

    I got a PS3. Someone tell me how to stay under the water

  2. พีรวัส ทบวงษ์:


  3. ‫كاظم ناصريه‬‎:

    اشلون اختم هاي مرحله ماعرفله

  4. Jorge Serna:

    Help me your can star

  5. Pingwinek412:

    Dzieks za pomoc jestem polakiem xD — Thx I help!

  6. ‫علي العكيلي‬‎:

    اني سويت مثلة كلشي ما صار ارجو رد سريع

  7. WorkGalaxy47:

    If woozie that good at playing video games even though he's blind, what if he's not really blind, he can shoot straight and he's at video games, so what if he's not blind!?!

  8. ‫عبد الباقي احمد‬‎:

    those controllers look like ps4 controllers

  9. How-To-Videos:

    How do you climb aboard the tanker in andriod? having problems doing so

  10. ‫يس عبد المنعم‬‎:


  11. ‫يس عبد المنعم‬‎:


  12. Nemanja Knezevic:

    People do not understand the mission of what I should do when I get into the water to budz stamina?or something as general to start a mission can help

  13. Dajaun Deshields:

    I'm on xbox360 can someone help me plz

  14. Amiel Reka:

    Man it takes me 10000000 years thoug lol

  15. Nazwa Amalia:

    hey thanks i can compelete my missions

  16. ‫سجاد كاي الناري‬‎:

    شباب كلولي كيف اعبر المهمه

  17. Alex Lollipop:

    I got three stars since i got there like you


    ele ta jogando no xbox ou ps2

  19. Ali Ali:

    هههههه سهلة


    this is my last mission to continue missioning still doesn't work shit back to school again damn it!

  21. Antoine Toatley:

    those controllers look like ps4 controllers

  22. diego gonzalez:

    gracias me sirvió mucho

  23. Emil Hansen:

    i have this problem that, everytime i dive underwater i automatically floating up to the surface. plz help

  24. Vikshow Shother:

    bueno vamos ver el video a ver si así me convensen

  25. กัณญารัตน์ เทศสันเทียะ:

    ดำน้ำประมาณ 20 นาที แล้วไปทำภารกิจ มันจะให้ดำน้ำ

  26. กัณญารัตน์ เทศสันเทียะ:

    ดำน้ำประมาณ 20 นาที แล้วไปทำภารกิจ มันจะให้ดำน้ำ

  27. ‫رحيم ابو مصطفى‬‎:

    اشلون اعبر هاي المرحله الصعبه رجاءا ردو علي باسرع وقت

  28. ButterHerobrine Herobrine family:

    I did the cheat code but didn't do that mission yet

  29. Helin Karademir:

    i was 20 minutes try again try again im so Tired dont work

  30. NT CrAzY:

    Who else is playing on ps2

  31. Blurbs 2015:

    go down 4 swims and wait,

  32. Uimod Exapwie:

    Every one the chat will not work i tried it it dont work believe me guys

  33. ιτζ_rθςκ ™:

    guys he alwyas saying i need practice underwater i have been swimming 20 mins nothing happen

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