(Aion) Borender, Abyss Fungus, Lephar Revolutionaries locations

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  1. Spicy Music:

    You use PgUp to get the wings ;)

  2. Akiwael:

    Merciiiiii :'D

  3. SAVAGE:

    Lol thnx a lot i was stuck on this part looking for that dam dude lol 

  4. THECIRI84:

    thx, i love you!!!

  5. Saeraen:

    +Konaami No, it's ff7! :P

  6. Moises Ridderstaat:

    if only i could like the comments xD  …. tnx dude

  7. Alexis Sz:

    I can't fly up :|

  8. Karen Howard:

    Thanks for the video!

  9. Jon Schulz:


  10. Almar Winfield:

    I've encountered quite a few trolls in Gw2, the same amount as a lot of other games. It's really no different in any game across the market anymore. You're always going to find those select few… =(

  11. DillinfaceProduction:

    play guld wars 2 there all nice and OLDER so (almost) no trolls and fags (but you have to pay to play so that might be why as well)

  12. DillinfaceProduction:

    Dude i LOVE YOU!!!

  13. kyosohmalover112:

    thank you so much T-T i was running round for ages asking all the players for help but they weren't helping D''x why is everyone so unhelpful and unfriendly :(

  14. The Dumb Goblin:

    thx dude your are the best

  15. Nancy Lago:

    OMG! Thanks!
    That Borender dude is hard to find LOL

  16. Elkopolo:


  17. MrCookieeis:

    Thank you so much

  18. Laura Cristina:


  19. Laura Cristina:

    tbm quer
    ia saber onte tava esse cara pra entregar as quests

  20. Dias Agaev:

    what lvl i must have to equip the dual sword?

  21. KHMDarkness:

    The game could at least tell you if the NPC is higher or lower than you are. Thanks for the help.

  22. MrShadow269:

    Just started Aion this week thanks alot!!!

  23. Elton Ferreira:

    thx man

  24. xel99:

    jeezus.. so thats where that fuc..erhm.. i mean thx i kept flying around and couldnt find him this helps a lot :)

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