★ Far Cry 4 ★ HURK’S REDEMPTION (Mission 3) — A Familiar Feeling (WITH COMMENTARY & Harpoon gun!!)

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  1. Ju'quawn Henderson:

    get to the chopper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;/!!

  2. unikalbanian:

    Dude y re funny but y totally suck at this

  3. Two Weird Boys:

    I past that mishon

  4. vitoria moura:


  5. sky vs pawzz:

    hey. was just having a look at your video & found it amazing . i just started my channel recently.Would be good if had a look at my page too and subscribe if you like the content.

  6. Ryan Watson:

    I did it first try

  7. Jack Cobs:

    ive redeemed a code for hurks missions but the missions aren't on the map?! can anyone help?

  8. Austin Kruse:

    I dont have the harpoon gun and I just did the mission

  9. bOwToMeE0:

    I just shot it with a grenade launcher right before I landed and jumped in very quickly workd for me

  10. HeyNowBlu:

    I just realized why I was unable to completed this.
    I had not yet unlocked the skill required.
    Now completed.

  11. HeyNowBlu:

    h this was too funny to watch.
    It felt like I was watching myself.
    This mission is pishhhing me off, lolol.

  12. Gary Lanum:

    I just think your commentary was hilarious I really enjoyed watching.

  13. padavala vikas:

    how did u get the buzzsaw gun

  14. Logan Saunders:

    Oh dammit i haven't unlocked the north :C

  15. Egg Headed Shaped Humpty Dumpty:

    Dude you're awesome! Subscribed!

  16. Fortz Gaming:

    Guys listen i know First you need FC4 Limited Edition Then activate it if you dont know how then watch tutrioal and when thats done do some campain and just do campain when comes the H and if yu have did 2 hurk missions you need to go YOGI & REGGIE and if all there missions done you get H the third mission 

  17. Zacko Berg:

    thanks for the help, you just earned a new subscriber :D

  18. PutaBarca1000:

    i hate this mission

  19. rene brown:

    Anyone else have a glithces where near the end of the truck drive the checkpoint doesn't change and you fail every time

  20. Zachary Herndon:

    its called vehicle takedown!! its a skill!!!

  21. Brock Peters:

    For anyone curious, you are supposed to fly alongside the door of the truck, look over at the door, and simply click your stick to do the takedown.  Its called "VEHICLE TAKEDOWN" and its in your perks list.  You need to have done at least one of the Kyrati Films race activities in order to unlock this.  Such a fun maneuver. It was so excruciating watching those multiple fails at hijacking the truck. 

  22. Luke Slivinski:

    Ubisoft did such a terrible job on this mission.

    I hate that stupid company.

  23. Kevin Fernandez:

    Vehicle takedown

  24. Man Gus:

    tis was painful to watch

  25. The Brit-Bacon:

    I've bought hurls deluxe pack and only done 3 missions when there's meant to be 5. I've completed the campaign but their don't show. Help?

  26. Side nigga problems:

    All you had to do is fly along side the driver seat door and hijack it

  27. leonsolo2:

     Harpoon gun have fun xD!

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