Pokemon FireRed: Finale — PART 119 — Game Grumps

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  1. IzunaX:

    On to pokemon Silver now!

  2. CharliChu:

    If they ever played mystery dungeon I would be so happy

  3. The pancake That you killed:

    More pls

  4. starstuffb5:

    I am so pissed off that they are legitimately quitting this series HALF WAY through the game…….

  5. cicadaemon:

    It's been 84 years… I'm finally free….

  6. comedy Gamez:

    They NEED to play Pokemon mystery dude on explorers of sky

  7. Donkey Brains:

    Personally I think it would be really cool for them to play Heartgold and Soulsilver, seeing the places they went to last time again would be really cool.

  8. Lolz-a-lot SMASHER:

    y is the playlist fucked up

  9. Arwenes:

    the fact that it wants to be loved makes me love it. Mimikyu. is. going. in. my. party.

  10. Lord Indominus:

    You guys forgot Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

  11. shahaman noodah:

    all his other pokemon in the pc is just on the side like ahh why is there a fucking ratata there please come back and turnt snaco is crying on the side

  12. orangemania:

    i marathoned this whole thing

  13. Tate Duh Boss:

    Ummm it's Pokemon X and Y then omega ruby and alpha sapphire then sun and moon

  14. The Redstone Minecart:

    You forgot mewtwo in serulean caves

  15. Carl:

    I actually think you should have sent out Knurttt right after Bundt, fainted, because Knurttt probably would have evolved then, and then we'd have gotten to see another great reaction to an evolution to send off the series.

  16. Chandler F:

    Yeah you guys should definitely do a newer Pokemon game! Not leafgreen please God

  17. Sean NotShawn:

    It's been 3000 years…..

  18. Kris Pierson:

    Claarff's first mistake was raising a fucking execututor

  19. archenemies32:

    Now do a complete play through of Pokemon Uranium

  20. lee:

    arcanine used "full restore"

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