Inside: Mind Control Party — PART 8 — Game Grumps

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  1. Bee Claireson:

    Jesus Arin you had to play the game between episode jumps and ruin everything with your foreshadowing and instructing.

    This episode sucked and if the next one is the same I'll be throwing in another dislike.

  2. Emma Hennig:

    when I watch this series I have to go into a world of dark just so I can see it lol

  3. Herman Manly:

    Oh great Arin spoiled himself… well at least the first session was fun, right?

  4. Henrique Claro (Raposo Henry):

    5:21 —> And that's when I paused watching Game Grumps playing INSIDE to watch Game Grumps playing Out of This World. Man, that night was long!…

  5. José Miguel Monge:

    I'm so disappointed :(

  6. The Ramos Online:

    Did Arin seriously play the game between Grump sessions?
    It was better when both of them were blind to what was ahead. Now we gotta deal with Arin being a dick for the rest of this playthrough.

  7. Josué Andrade:

    That Deeper Underground jamiroquai reference. 😏

  8. Toriel The Mom That Is Also A Goat:

    silence silence AAAND THEEERE THE MUTE GRUMPS!

  9. Sirake Wizen:

    I hate it when Erin knows stuff about a game, and he's all like "go here, get ready, don't worry about that" Fuck man, let the game tell him

  10. jobriq5:

    Stranger danger!

  11. Maria Crocco:

    Friendliest thing was the chickens

  12. patu8010:

    I hate to say this, but really would you shut up, Arin? I've been loving this series so far but the backseat gaming is getting to me.

  13. Brad Wright:

    Arin, please stop playing games, or looking them up before playing them on game grumps. It kinda ruins it. I was so happy at the beginning of the series when neither of you knew anything.

  14. ViperRulerlm:

    This game just became 10 times annoying now because of the fact Arin looked up what to do and just started back seating Danny.

  15. Mish What:

    its cool arin liked the game enough to play it on his own time but i really enjoyed it more when they were discovering/solving things together 😓😓😓😓

  16. Coolfizz:

    great, now Arin is gonna help Dan through the entire game and all the charm of this playthrough will be lost.

  17. THAT Demoman:

    In The Christmas Story, he says 'oh fudge', but the narrator (also him) immediately says "but i did not say fudge."
    My dad loves that movie, and bought ne the same BB gun the kid got, along with some 'oh fudge' Christmas Story themed fudge candy. XD

  18. She Dreams of Dragons:

    2:04 FRIEND OR FOE

  19. AstroFY JP:

    He called it a "Super Yamaka" XD

  20. Owen eldridge:

    Oh great ARIN googled the ending so he planes on ruining it for everyone by telling Dan five minutes before the end depriving us of not only Rins reaction but dans to.

  21. Chai Comfort:

    Fuck you Arin

  22. KidGokuOmega:

    So I guess Arin just babies Dan now. I think I'm done with this play through. Holly and Ross here I come.

  23. JavaKnight:

    you ruin the fun when one of you already has played it, this is why i wont subscribe

  24. mrzombiesbo:

    Who does Arin play in Overwatch?

  25. YouTube Seems Cool:

    oh my god every single goddamn OW mention kills my TF2 heart

  26. Princof Troy:

    Arin, you prick. Don't you know when you know things about the games you play (especially when it's these kinds of games) you just seem like more of an asshole?

  27. Wallz TheGamer:

    Ya know, the people who are shitting on Arin are the same people that would flip their shit if they didn't make any progress. If Dan had a problem with Arin, he would probably tell him to stop. So sit back, and enjoy the damn video.

  28. Tyler Dearth:

    I like it when they BOTH go in a game blind. I don't like when Erin knows but Dan Doesn't and vice versa.

  29. Jerry Nilsson:

    I liked this play-through better without Arin backseat driving.

  30. Nezquick:

    The comment section needs to calm down

  31. Stone Walch:

    Some of the titles on these episodes sound like the best Magic the Gathering cards ever.

  32. Demetri F:

    It's like… the first half of the playthrough, Arin doesn't take it seriously, cracks jokes all the time, and breaks immersion for Dan where Dan stops even replying to him sometimes.
    Then when Arin knows what's happening in the game, because he played through it on his own (?? why tho), he gives Dan the solutions to things he could do by himself… Why this?

  33. LoganTehRetroNerd:

    I'm not so gob and where the gang graphs

  34. Doctor Kirby (shofu Jr. PhD):

    WARNING⇒ Don't Drink Anything Watching This
    I fucked myself real bad doing so…
    I choked on “Joust” 11:47

  35. ekrathrawl:

    Super-Yarmeluke! That's the best thing I've ever heard.

  36. DisorderInOrder:

    Oh god dammit fucking Arin… I don't know if I can continue to watch this if it isn't going to be Dan figuring it out… The best part of this was Dan figuring it out right up his alley! God dammit Arin!!

  37. Seasnan:

    all i could think about when they were saying i love you was
    welcome to costco….i love you

  38. draakgast:

    Dan, we would really like to know
    tell us your D&D stories
    it's snowing on mister Fuji

  39. Deckerlink:

    I liked the fact that Danny and Arin were just figuring it out as they went. The whole Arin just telling Danny where to go is what ruined their Link to the Past and Link Between Worlds playthroughs for me. "Just go here, now go right, now down. Ain't this fun?" For someone who hates the idea of just being taken on a tour of a game instead of experiencing it, Arin likes to ruin the idea of experiencing a game for Danny, someone that people want to play games more often for a reason.

  40. Deflated dragon:

    I watched Mark's play through of this first, so i can 100% feel Arin when he says he can't wait to see Dan face the shit he'll have to deal with

  41. Tenzin Low:

    So they reuploaded? The audio is fixed

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