Inside: Finale — PART 15 — Game Grumps

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  1. andres91ak47:

    what am I f Akira? lol.

  2. Richie Leggett:

    went inside.
    got out.
    inside out.

  3. Just Blake:

    just sack things better get animated

  4. |Jake|C|:

    Everyone disappointed at the ending needs to look up the meaning of it. Just because the ending isn't right in your face doesn't mean there isn't a story to it. I love endings that make you think and interpret. The ending was perfect.

  5. An1m3Fr3ak:

    I'm so fucking mad at this game. Every time he fell before body parts kept falling off, why couldn't he just lose all his extra parts and end up outside as a human child all alone in the world again?

  6. Carl Jones:

    That Tool reference!!! Did not expect that, my respect for Danny just went way up

  7. Huibert Brouwer:

    I'm Dan i'm 37 …….. humans

  8. Ethan Drake:

    this game is so dark, omg..

  9. Perry Boyette:

    This HAS to be one of my FAVORITE playthroughs EVER!!!!!!!! Only the Dark Souls 3 playthrough has rivaled this amount of my attention. I WILL be getting this game, and I will play it, and it's still gonna be hilarious even though it's serious and kinda gross.

  10. pokeablah:

    there's a secret/alternate ending!! feel like dan would have fun with that haha

  11. Cornbread:

    Please go back to being a kid… I would hate for him to remind a blob forever. At least they made it funny!

  12. Definitely “Not” Adam:

    Please play Unravel next

  13. CrispeeChips:

    I think I probably would've been a little bit intrigued by this ending if I hadn't made the mistake of scrolling down to the comments and seeing a series of "I'm so smart, I figured out the plot on my very first try and this is what happened" comments, and a lot of others that use the word 'spoonfed'. It's like the time I watched 2001: A Space Odessey and got bombarded with theories and explanations to the point that I never gave it a second thought.

    Then again, if I had played this game myself, I can't imagine that I would've bothered looking for the secret ending that explains what was really going on, because I don't think I'd be interested enough to redo the exact same sliding block puzzles for one thing to change at the end.

  14. Muhammad Marzuq Kamalie:


  15. MahBunnyFeet:

    ok but what does it all mean? please! this is killing me

  16. Calec Brayers:

    And this is why I don't watch YouTubers play puzzle games. Thus goes out to all the YouTubers I've watched, you're either incredibly stupid, or I'm too smart. Sorry, all, but you don't understand what it's like to solve a puzzle before the person you're watching has even done the first step.

  17. Emer Duddy:

    Can we just have a video of Arin speaking like that 'wuise gui'

  18. Scheefinator:

    Goddamn this ending sucked. There's no fucking ending. Nothing was revealed, nothing was explained. What lazy fucking writing and narrative.

  19. Scheefinator:

    How does secret ending? How does anything?

    How many endings?

  20. Reycied:

    Ladies and gentlemen, we regret to inform you of a change to the cast. In tonight's performance, the part of the Little Boy in the Red Shirt will be played by a drunken, ambulatory human testicle.

  21. L.A.fan423:

    what the hell, that ending sucked!

  22. Andrew Stalker:

    There's going to be a weird retention time metric for this video because of all the people who left 20 seconds in to go download the podcast.

  23. Scheefinator:

    No, don't check out Itunes. Itunes is shit. It has been shit since it's inception.

  24. Angelo Pugh:

    this reminds me if the end if the bloodborne dlc ending

  25. JOHN DOH:

    you dont PLAY as the kid, you CONTROL the kid

  26. Aaron HAmes:

    So the blob was controlling the boy all along and this whole scenario was just the blob trying to escape but why would they help him in the end was it all just a set up that the humans put together
    (know what I'm done my head hurts screw it great playthrough grumps)

  27. Mashed TV:

    Does anyone else love the animations for this game? It's so beautiful

  28. MaskedKrabby Kombo:

    Anybody else yawn when Arin yawned?

  29. OrientalMustang:

    Geez Arin, I was okay with you telling Dan what to do, but holy shit did you have to even beat the credits to the punch so we couldn't get an even better legitimate reaction from Dan?

  30. bryson:

    I know what I'm changing my Twitter bio to.

  31. ruinrake:

    This literally isn't an ending its just completely up to interpretation which is lazy in my opinion.

  32. Christian Clendening:

    Just so the grumpies know, since i assume youre probably,just confused about the ending as I was, it works like this: the basic jist is thay the entire time you thought you were,the kid freeing everyone, you were actually the blob the whole time. The blob was controling the kid the entire time to set itself free. This is supported by the multiple times you control other entities. Pay close enough attention and its easy to notice the resemblance between the control head caps you use and the devices attached to the blob. So while the developers gave you a sense of being free and outside, the entire you werent. You were INSIDE. Controlled by the,blob. Terribly sorry about punctuation and grammer, screen is cracked so touchpad is a bit unreliable.

  33. crissy4445:

    I feel like the ending was really weak. Like they wanted a climactic final deformity kinda thing, the most horrific being they could picture, so they just shoved that being into the game and rolled the credits. I dunno, just feel like it could have been better

  34. TheNathan515:

    max derrat does a very good job of explaining the game and ending. definitely worth a watch

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