Game Dev Tycoon — Labs — PART #17

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  1. Brian Suter (briobioshock):

    I just noticed the okami reference in the back

  2. Wiss Miss:

    When will sips realise that spending an extra 100k on all the features helps?

  3. Teilo Teague-Williams:

    GDTMP ~ Multiplayer Mod (CLIENT VERSION), make it happen Sipsy!

  4. Mooncubus:

    Racing should be a genre tbh

  5. Bella Lane:

    Porno on wheels?? Lmao

  6. Drew Sanderson:

    You gotta' love that outro

  7. Drew Sanderson:

    Yeah, there's an FPS game called Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

  8. Carel Daelen:

    when the reviews came in it sounded like he was taking a shit

  9. Baleur:

    2:30 i just realized what has never been done before.
    A UFO Simulation game. I'm talking the full fluxliner rotating mercury, pivoting gravity amplifiers, the whole shibazzle.
    There's ofc space simulation games, set in the future, with warp drives and hyperjump etc, but even those ALL rely on basic aviation principles of big engines in the back to provide chemical thrust. All of them.
    Not a single simulation game that i've ever seen actually tries to simulate a form of spacecraft that operates on different methods and concepts. It's always the same old forward thrust by engines in the back model, even in star wars or star trek.

  10. Potionmaniac:

    "Somewhere between Diddy Kong Racing and Porno On Wheels" …….Diddy Kong Porno?

  11. andItsPeter:

    I've just realised, why is magic mike for young people?

  12. BaurustheCow:


  13. phulcrum1984:

    Adobe Kuler.

  14. mlopes87:

    Why does he still think "+++" is the same as "++"?

  15. Platinum Punch:

    Make a racing game called. Grand Tiramasu

  16. Elijah|PG:

    Sips has enough money just make new engines for TONS of research points

  17. PerforoRS:

    "The Ghost of Cliff Richard" The motherfucker is still alive xD

  18. Palitato:

    Should do a Fantasy Casual Pet game on the GS for Young People called Magic Mike's Unicorn.

  19. LordNoisy:

    I hope he gets some mods so that new consoles and stuff come out after the game ends!

  20. Tom Bailey:

    33:20 sips experiences an orgasm 😂😂😂

  21. Mr Sameeh:

    Xavier is a noob

  22. NinjaTofu:

    I don't play this, but I was wondering… How old is Brian???? Does he age? I mean he's been at it for 30+ years now… will he retire or die in game? Or can you just keep on playing forever? I need to know cause I am starting to get emotionally attached!

  23. Bolu2392:

    Xavier is pretty crap at this point. Sips should hire someone else to replace him, or train him so he's not crap.

  24. MrPatak007:

    hey sips

  25. Tash (TaintedGenre):

    Can you imagine his reaction if he got 4 10s for Magic Mike 3?? I think he might of died!

  26. Gabriel Witte:

    Why can't you make fps games in this?

  27. Pizza Fries:

    SIPS PLAY ENDERAL! It's a beautifull skyrim mod with a new world, story, voice acting and a bunch more! It's english version just came out and since you enjoyed skyrim so much i'm sure you will enjoy this also!!!!

  28. I'm Nuclear (Mole):

    Are there actually any decent simulation games for mature?

  29. Xeando:

    does anyone know any good entertaining youtubers that play this game and know what the fuck theyre doing?

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