Game Dev Tycoon — Hellballz Ltd. — PART #1

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  1. N647289:

    Learn to do things while talking.

  2. jahpolley:

    I remember when this was on here years ago with Ron Johnson.
    I am happy it's back.

  3. CS:Plays & COD:

    I stopped watching you since you stopped shoppe keep and now you've bought back my favourite series thanks papi

  4. MrDoogoo:

    It's funny, i remember when he first played it.

  5. manchestersboy:

    Knights on an Island? So Medieval England?


    He says it was years ago but I remember the entire serious

  7. Sklin:

    I know that this is old, and this has probably been addressed already, but Id Software is pronounced like "sid" w/o the s. That's according to John Carmack anyway.

    The Id is the part of the mind in which innate instinctive impulses and primary processes are manifest.

  8. Teddy Rich:

    Yessssss he brought back the outro music Ughhh i always listened to it till the end because its so great
    i was so sad when he didn't add it.

  9. Patrick s:

    plz name one of your workers firemanblitz

  10. Nick Hailstone:

    I loved the previous series, really glad this is back, made my day. Sequel to that glory holing game you made at some point?

  11. Grizz Man:

    I thought you were gonna make Intense Wizardy again lol

  12. TRexPro Bro:

    RIP You shouldve used some good mods.

  13. Surge:

    Jesus this brings back memories. Wasn't there a long dong silver in the last one we need another

  14. Victor Piscioneri:

    he is female

  15. Michael Gardy:

    I was here for your last playthrough and before it.

  16. Team Star Faux:

    I have a friend who's Asian and his name is Brian.

  17. That Guy:

    shoulda named him Brian D. and made a big MMO shooter

  18. Bio logy:

    It's not I.D. Software, it's id; Freud's id. Basal primal emotions and desires — thirst, hunger, lust, anger. I always thought it was a rather clever name.

  19. 9eberra:

    LOL! if it's abbreviated and it get's really big Marines on Mars would be called "mom"

  20. Drew Sanderson:

    Sips, with some casual-racisim

  21. Devon Chaney:


  22. communism will prevail:

    can't wait for intense wizardy part two

  23. Rizvani04:

    at the start i would have picked zombie and called it marine

  24. Phoredome:

    Oh wow I missed your outro music so much Sips_ XD

  25. Jamsi:

    should of called it "boom boom saloon co." and called him Sorsby

  26. Marco Utaryo:

    Sips please play youtubers life

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