BEST OF Game Grumps — Dec. 2015

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  1. Kelly S.:

    Stil disappointed "Chow Wai Man" didn't make it into the best of 2015

  2. Alex Cahill (Fanbuscus):

    The goo…

  3. Kini Nawai:

    12:07 that was so stupid

  4. johnny Ufano:

    My boyfriend just broke up with me and watching you guys turned my tears of sadness into tears of laughter you guys have made me happy in times of heartbreak I just wanted to say thank you all at game grumps ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Royetta Zabel:


  6. Castille G:

    January, September and December were my favorite years

  7. Superstitious Coconut:

    I forgot but, there's actually a store in our area called "BJ's"

  8. Julia Rose (JSag):

    I've finally found a channel with my exact type of humor: random as shit with funny back stories. I was crying at the "I missed" story omg

  9. Kelly Ernst:

    The dude at 29:39 has Arin's hair and that kills me hahaha

  10. Rocky Start:

    That share the goo segment killed me. X_X

  11. Canucklehead:

    24:0225:19 pure gold.

  12. Sarah Séguin:

    The child not letting go of the grinch is my favorite moment forever!!!😂

  13. Jason Few:

    You guys should play the Henry Stickman series

  14. youtube fan love every channel:


  15. alex mire:

    Pigeons are stupid. That is all.

  16. Don Eslinger:

    Wow what an opening. Crushed it. LOL!

  17. Pablo SuDoughnihm:

    Danny's voice in Endless Ocean 2 sounds like Dr. Doofenshmirts.

  18. Rocky Otter:

    Does anyone know what emulator they're using in that christmas episode where it devolves into looking at pics of a random lady?

  19. Luck:

    I think chow wai man is actualy transgender

  20. mrsevent7:

    Anyone know the song Arin's singing at 29:09?

  21. bigfatbear:


  22. Abigail Allain:

    If you sit at 0:00 at just spam the left arrow key that's the face you have when yo ufeel like you're going crazy

  23. Dungeons & Drinks:

    8:25  omfg

  24. Adriana Hernandez:


  25. Deku Yukimura (DekuGallade):

    'I Missed' makes me laugh every single time XD

  26. nekira hodge:

    What happened then?
    Well, in Whoville they say,
    That small child is holding the grinch to day.

  27. tallcoolmike12:

    I drank milk while watching this. quite unwise

  28. moses mckeon:

    Just think, the whole debacle at 26:25 is all because arin didnt know he was in 2 player mode…

  29. ReineDeLaSeine14:

    Holly's channel has a video of Feathers ATTACKING Ross. I've watched it at least seven times

  30. General Walrus:

    I was gonna hit the like button but i missed

  31. Masked Girl:

    Please do more scary games with danny

  32. movie stalker:

    can some1 help please? wat did danny say at 7:17 and wat does tht word mean? lement? i dont know….

  33. Daniel Vazquez:


  34. LiogiganStudios:

    I tried to hit the like button but I missed, I hit the dislike button. I tried hitting it again but I missed and started playing the video. This went on for several hours. I tried pausing the video but I missed and hit closed captioning. I clicked again and once more but I missed both times and clicked two suggestion videos. I tried to hit the back arrow and I hit something but it wasn't the back arrow so I guess I missed. I had some cereal then passed out in my chair. I had a dream about clicking on a new GameGrumps video but I missed and hit a Pewdiepie video. I woke up in my chair and tried to hit the back arrow again but I hit the "x" on the tab so I missed. I passed out again. Long story short: I need a new mouse

  35. PKCrossing89:

    I'm getting a serious Senor Cardgage feel

  36. Algie Lesia Stephens:

    I'm pregnant and watching these videos will make my water break. lol I actually peed a tiny dropped the "I Missed" bit. Instant classic

  37. rose rodriguez:

    I laughed so hard I choked on my chicken I almost died

  38. Dart Devious:

    chicken and done

  39. TheMrMarioguy:

    Lamborghini man

  40. AbandonedSarlac327:

    22:58 start of the best part

  41. Tiffany Moon:

    my favorite video ever lol

  42. Mr. Wolf 2:

    The Endless Ocean 2 voice sounds like Professor Doofenshmirtz from Phineas and Ferb. lmao

  43. dannyobo:

    best cure for cancer, Gamegrumps everyone!


    Danny sounds like Dr. Doofenshmirtz in Endless Ocean 2

  45. doublee343:

    Why isn't there a game grumps animated of Jean-Eric yet? XD

  46. Troll Dad:


  47. The ReilGabe:

    I was watching this awesome I had just taken a drink it was in my stomach but I laughed so hard that it came up got in my nose and out of my mouth but I still couldn't stop laughing.

  48. SaNdSoN4040:

    I feel like Arin maybe the most gay of straight men I've ever heard. The things he says make me wonder if he really wants to be a woman. 😂

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